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How Elden Ring DLC Can Add A New Ending

How Elden Ring DLC Can Add A New Ending

The Great Runes and Mending Runes are the keys to create new universe for The Lands Between, and none of the Greatest Children(Twins)/Runes have the chance to have both Runes, none of Equestahigh likely to have great runes. To Use of Greatest Runes and Mending Runes, one needs to become Lordborne, and most of the soulsborne game are pessimistic because no-one is Lordborne, “only Yharnams can become Lordborn”. But based on my old aged experience, Soulsborne players can never classify themselves as to be Lordborn(commonly use here). Because player usally Character(Fighter)/CharacterClass(Knight)/Player(the player itself), no-one will gonna call himself “F”. Only Enemy(A.I.) will call themselves Lordborne.
Due to unprotozed result of Elden Ring, Miquella Will create his own mending Rings for orther heroes in Elden Ring DLC.
So, Elden Ring does not need DLC to change endings, it allow player to choose their own ending, more interesting ending like, to have children with Four Kings(Joint family) and become richest man in Elden Ring. So Every Soulsborn Players can choose their own futures in their own Elden Ring world, fantasy life where only you make yourself Lordborne, born as Lord and live as a Lord in your own future Elden Ring universe/world. Yharnam Great Rune is only highest under if Lordborne himself absesnt(loser). And Lordborne themselves get themself in to a top ranked position(ToP-Rank) in the Elden Ring Universe.(FlyingBirds V.s Hot AirBalloons-|= 🙂 Think carefully Elden Ring comunitee from Bandai.
If Bandai does Deception here, this Game-Player will never buy their another souli or reborn Game.

Ranni The Witch sitting beside the impression of Miquella grown into the base of the Haligtree in Elden Ring..” data-img-url=”” src=””>

Elden Ring’s DLC could pave the way for new endings to the main game. This kind of addition is unprecedented in FromSoftware’s Soulsborne games, but Elden Ring’s lore has established a straightforward course of generating new conclusions for the story. In addition, the game already has incredible replay value, so adding different endings would be another point in Elden Ring’s favor.

Elden Ring has the most endings out of any of the Soulsborne games. It can be finished with the choice between six endings, and the worst endings are hiding in the same place. Each option centers around what the player chooses to do with the titular Elden Ring that gives shape to The Lands Between. The modularity of the Ring and its shards, or Great Runes, is where new conclusions can originate. No details have been confirmed for the DLC, but there are some solid leads about who could be involved – individuals who likely have Great Runes of their own.

Elden Ring’s DLC Great Runes Could Create New Endings

Elden Ring Malenia Great Rune Secret Bloodborne Mode

When the Elden Ring was shattered, its shards were taken by her children as Great Runes. At the end of the game, the player reunites the Great Runes to set The Lands Between on a new path. Granted, the mending runes obtained from completing the side quests, such as Fia’s – one of Elden Ring’s coolest quests – spark the ending variations. Still, there is potential for the Elden Ring to do more once reforged with each of its missing shards. However, it isn’t entirely clear how many shards were created when it was shattered. It’s reasonable to assume at least one for each of Marika’s living children, one of whom is highly anticipated to appear in Elden Ring’s DLC.

Elden Ring DLC Could Add A Miquella-Themed Ending

Elden Ring Miquella Malenia Twins

Miquella, Malenia’s twin brother, is the last living demigod and child of Marika by the Elden Ring. Unfortunately, however, he’s in quite a sorry state, shriveled inside a cocoon and deep in sleep after being abducted by Mohg, Lord of Blood. Future Elden Ring DLC will possibly feature the slumbering Empyrean, which could mean the player will obtain his Great Rune. Presumably, this would be the last of the Elden Ring’s shards, which might mean that reaching the ending with all the shards could have different results. One possibility could be an extended final boss sequence or an interaction with Marika.

In the current endings, Marika is stone-like and broken. Perhaps reuniting all the Elden Ring’s shards will restore her to something more like her original form. If this is the case, the ending would have to open up new paths. What is more likely, however, is the possibility that Miquella could have made his own mending rune.

Miquella despised the Golden Order and opposed the Greater Will to find cures for his and Malenia’s afflictions. This led to the creation of the Haligtree, potentially Elden Ring’s true parasite, which proved to be a haven for many whom the Golden Order oppressed. Given the mending runes’ potential to create new realities for The Lands Between, it stands to reason that Elden Ring’s DLC could reveal that Miquella made one to realize his dreams.

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Source: Bandai Namco/YouTube

How Elden Ring DLC Can Add A New Ending

When discussing gaming experiences, nothing is more anticipated than the conclusion of a game and similar to movie endings, how it plays out can make or break the overall experience. In this regard, the upcoming Elden Ring DLC may potentially provide gamers with a new ending, which would certainly be a welcome addition to the game.

What Would be Included in a New Ending?

The possibilities of a new ending are endless, as gaming developers have a variety of creative tools at their disposal. However, a few basic elements are likely to be included, such as a dramatic climax, an emotional conclusion, and potentially a satisfying resolution. Of course, all of these things are subject to the game’s unique storyline and features, so it’s impossible to guess what the new ending to Elden Ring may contain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There be a DLC for Elden Ring?

Yes, Elden Ring will have a downloadable content (DLC) in the future, with plans of adding a new ending to the game.

What Will the New Ending Contain?

It is impossible to guess what the new ending to Elden Ring may contain, but it is likely to contain a dramatic climax, an emotional conclusion, and potentially a satisfying resolution.

When Will the DLC be Available?

The date of the DLC is still unknown, but gamers should definitely keep an eye out for more information and updates.


The upcoming Elden Ring DLC is a highly anticipated update that could potentially provide gamers with a new ending. This new ending is likely to contain a dramatic climax, an emotional conclusion, and potentially a satisfying resolution, adding to the overall gaming experience. While the exact date of the DLC is still unknown, gamers should expect more information and updates to be announced in the near future.Elden ending

When will Elden Ring DLC be released?

At this time, no official release date has been announced for Elden Ring DLC.Elden ending
However, gamers should keep an eye out for any news and updates regarding the game.

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