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HONORER Kemenpan

The fate of the honorary is in balance whether appointed as ASN or dismissed according to the circular of the Ministry of PAN and RB.

For your information, on May 31, 2022 the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform issued a letter stating the abolition of honorary workers on November 28, 2023.

The plan to abolish honorary workers by the Ministry of PAN and RB through circular letter No.B/185/M.SM.02.03/2022.

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Elimination of temporary workers in government agencies, both central and regional, is carried out in the context of employee management.

Unfortunately, efforts to abolish temporary workers have received mixed responses, both pros and cons.

To overcome the problem of temporary workers, the Minister of PAN and RB Abdullah Azwar Anas gave three options that the government is still exploring.

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First, honorary staff will be appointed as ASN as a whole.

If the first option is chosen, of course the state financial budget will not be sufficient given the large number of honorary workers in Indonesia.

According to BKS data, the number of temporary workers in Indonesia has reached more than 2 million people.

Second, honorary workers will be completely abolished in both central and regional government agencies.

If this option is chosen, then Indonesia will be found to experience a significant increase in unemployment.

In addition, this does not provide justice for honorary workers who have served for years to decades in government agencies.

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Third, the government will appoint honorary workers on a priority scale.

For this third option, the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform together with all Indonesian government officials are currently reviewing it so as to be able to produce the best solution for the settlement of honorary workers.

At present, the solution to the honorarium problem is getting narrower. Even Azwar Anas said that there was one additional option so that there were four options for completing honorary workers.

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This fourth option is still being explored further to be used as a reference in eliminating honorary workers.

“We are currently carrying out several options which have been intense lately with friends from district or city government associations, governors, and the DPR,” said Azwar Anas at the Kemenpan RB Building, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

The fourth option in question is the Gig Economy or a group of workers who work on a contract system or in other terms, are casual workers.

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Anas gave an example, cleaning service workers can work in the morning and after that they can find other income, then return to the office in the afternoon.

Furthermore, Anas said that at this time it was still being studied more closely regarding which temporary workers did not need to stay temporarily in the office.

“Likewise, other employees may not need to remain in the office that has existed so far. That’s why it’s a uniform. Now it is being studied,” he said.

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Anas hopes that the study on the solution to the honorary problem will get a bright spot and can be a good solution for the government and honorary workers.

“We hope, God willing, that there will be a meeting point that will become a win-win solution between the government and honorary friends,” he concl
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What is “HONORER BAK AT THE END OF THE HORN, Kemenpan RB Adds One More Option: It Will Be a Win-Win Solution –”?

“HONORER BAK AT THE END OF THE HORN, Kemenpan RB Adds One More Option: It Will Be a Win-Win Solution –” is a project referred by the Kemenpan RB in Indonesia to help government employees with the regulation of their social security funds. This project was supported by the Honourable Bakdi Soemanto, Minister of State Enterprises, and the project will offer government employees the opportunity to add one more option to their pension funds –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about “HONORER BAK AT THE END OF THE HORN, Kemenpan RB Adds One More Option: It Will Be a Win-Win Solution –”:

What are the benefits of offering the option for the government employees?

The main benefit of offering the option for the government employees is that they can now choose a Win-Win solution, as will provide a more profitable, secure and stable investment for their pension funds.

Is there any safety guaranteed for investments with

Yes, the investments with are safe and secure as they are IQ-based, meaning they use sophisticated algorithms to analyse the global markets in order to find the best investment opportunities that meet their clients’ requirements.

Who will be able to access their funds through this new option provided by

All the government employees enrolled in the project will be able to access their funds through the new option.

What are the steps required to access the funds through

The steps required to access the funds through are:

  • Register for an account with
  • Create an investment profile to identify your investment objectives and risk profile.
  • Choose an investment portfolio suitable for your needs.
  • Set up regular transfers to fund your portfolio.
  • Monitor and adjust your portfolio performance.


The “HONORER BAK AT THE END OF THE HORN, Kemenpan RB Adds One More Option: It Will Be a Win-Win Solution –” project was initiated by the Kemenpan RB in Indonesia in order to help government employees with the regulations of their social security funds. This project offered the employees the additional option of, which provides a more profitable and secure investment for their pension funds. This is a great win-win solution, as the employees can now access their funds with ease, with guaranteed safety and stability.

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