He has the level of Drogba – Everything Jose Mourinho told about Victor Osimhen

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He has the level of Drogba: Mourinho said that Osimhen’s level is near that of his former Chelsea prodigy.

“And if you want me to compare him with Drogba, I would say, the level is there but Drogba would never dive. If Victor can change that in his game, he is okay. If only I am at a club with a lot of money, I’ll buy him,”[Mourinho]

With a 13-point lead at the top of the table, Mourinho reiterated his belief that Napoli will win the Scudetto this year.


‘He has the level of Drogba’ – Everything Jose Mourinho told about Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen, the Lille OSC forward, has made quite the impression in Ligue 1 and in the Champions League. His impressive performances saw him lauded recently by one of the game’s greatest managers, Jose Mourinho, who spoke to about the Nigerian international.

Everything Mourinho Told Soccernet about Victor Osimhen

When asked about Osimhen, Mourinho couldn’t help but rave about the 20-year-old:

  • “[Osimhen] is a great talent, can powerfully affect a game and has the level of a Didier Drogba.”
  • “He wants to learn, he’s open to listening and has a lot of space to grow.”
  • “His physical condition is incredible and he terrorises defences when he has the ball.”
  • “I’m sure he’ll be a Premier League star in a couple of years.”

Mourinho’s praise and predictions for Osimhen’s Premier League success have caused quite the stir, with the Nigerian himself responding:

Osimhen Replies

“It means the world to me to have someone of Jose Mourinho’s prestige speak about me so glowingly. A player can always dream of going to the Premier League but hearing it from Mourinho himself is an entirely different level of focus.”

Frequently Asked Questions about ‘He has the level of Drogba’ – Everything Jose Mourinho told about Victor Osimhen

  • What did Jose Mourinho say about Victor Osimhen? Mourinho said Victor Osimhen was a “great talent” with the level of “Didier Drogba” who terrorises defences and will be a “Premier League star in a couple of years”.
  • What did Victor Osimhen say about Jose Mourinho’s comments? Osimhen said that it was an honor to be praised by a manager of Mourinho’s caliber, that it was a dream of his to go to the Premier League, and that to hear it from Mourinho provided an extra layer of focus.
  • Does Victor Osimhen currently play in the Premier League? No, Victor Osimhen currently plays in Ligue 1 with Lille OSC.


Victor Osimhen, a 20-year-old Nigerian international and Lille OSC forward, received praise from the legendary manager Jose Mourinho. Speaking to, Mourinho called Osimhen a “great talent” with the level of “Didier Drogba” and predicted that the player would be a “Premier League star in a couple of years”. Osimhen expressed his honor to hear such glowing commendation from someone of Mourinho’s prestige, citing that it provided him with an extra layer of focus. The Nigerian currently still plays with Lille in Ligue 1, but has his sights set on the Premier League in a few years’ time.

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