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Hayley Stommel: An Insight into the Life of Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Who Is a Podcaster

Tyler Hubbard has experienced both personal and professional growth over the past decade. It was while he was recording music that he met Hayley Stommel his future wife.
Initially, Hayley planned on moving out of Nashville – but Tyler convinced her to stay in the city, which then served as the inspiration for him to still record.

Tyler Hubbard has had a remarkable professional and personal life in the past decade. As he rose to stardom in his music career, he met his future wife, Hayley Stommel, who he convinced to stay in Nashville.

Now a household name in country music circles, Tyler’s established career has been greatly aided by his wife, who he sees as his muse, among other things. Hayley is a podcaster with thousands of followers.

The couple had their first kiss in 2013, got engaged in 2014, and married on the anniversary of their first kiss in 2015. Hayley and Tyler share three kids, a girl and two boys.

Hayley Hubbard Co-hosts the “Meaning Full Living” Podcast

Hayley is a native of the Gem State, born in Sun Valley. She was enrolled at the University of San Diego, where she attained her college degree before moving to Nashville, Tennessee. Before meeting her husband, she was employed in various fields, including finance and floral shops.

Nowadays, she spends much of her time creating content for her podcast “Meaning Full Living.” The show also has a large following on social media, with more than 110k followers at the time of writing; hence, the need to keep that platform well-supported is also vital for Hayley. Her flexible career allows her to be with her husband a lot.

Yoga is her go-to method when she wants to take some time away from the severe and demanding aspects of life. The supposedly relaxing exercise is meant to relax both the mind and body through meditation and sometimes just sitting still and rhythmically breathing in and out for an extended period.

They Tied the Knot on Their First Kiss Anniversary, and the Proposal Was Quite Romantic

Before Tyler became famous and a guest vocalist on

Tim McGraw

‘s song, “Undivided,” Hayley, thinking of quitting her job at Merrill Lynch and leaving Nashville for California, was convinced by one of her friends to stay. The unknowing Hayley recalled this 2013 incident



“[A] friend of mine told me to pray about the move and that he didn’t think I should leave. So, I did. I asked God to make it clear … One month later that same friend, who is now my husband, gave me my last first kiss. Wow am I glad I stayed.”

Before Tyler and Hayley dated and even thought about marriage, they were friends. However, a month after he had successfully convinced her to stay, Tyler kissed her, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A year later, the lovebirds were engaged after the singer proposed mid-flight of a helicopter ride. Tyler’s proposal location was inspired by his need to change the narrative of helicopters for him and his family after his father lost his life on one. For him, that romantic event would bring a positive note to their painful experience.

Another year passed before Hayley made her way down the aisle. Their wedding took place in Hayley’s hometown on July 1, the same day they had their last first kiss two years earlier in 2013. The simple yet elegant wedding was an all-outdoor affair as they said their I-dos at the Trail Creek Cabin before taking the party across the river.

The Hubbards Share 3 Beautiful Kids Together

The Hubbard family has five members. Hayley and Tyler share three beautiful children, two sons, Atlas Roy and Luca Reed, plus their oldest, Olivia Rose.

Tyler enjoys being a parent. In March 2022, he had a daddy-daughter outing with his then-four-year-old daughter, Olivia. A post from Tyler, which talked about their night out, expressed his delight at being Olivia’s father and described it as an honor.

Not much information is available about their middle child, Luca. However, the youngest of the Hubbards, Atlas, was born on September 24, 2020. While celebrating his first birthday, his mother described him as a “smiley, happy ball of energy you are, and the best surprise we’ve ever had.”

The Hubbard group took to the road for some family time in March 2022. They headed for Disneyland, a place Hayley is now sure is one of the happiest spots on the planet when seen through kids’ eyes and the excitement it brings them.

Hayley Stommel: An Insight Into The Life of Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Who Is a Podcaster

Hayley Stommel is the wife of country singer and former Florida Georgia Line member Tyler Hubbard. She is an impressive entrepreneur and a talented podcaster specializing in health, wellness and lifestyle topics. Hayley has always been an avid learner and has taken initiatives to improve her knowledge. She is a dedicated mother to their two children, Olivia and Luca, always striving to lead them with a positive attitude and a commitment to healthy living.

Hayley Stommel’s passion and relentless ability to help others led her to start her own podcast, Morning Joy with Hayley Stommel. She speaks on the show mainly about health, wellness, and family life. Hayley is also a mass media graduate, writer and television host. Her mission is to motivate others to Evolve and Embrace their true identities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hayley Stommel

Q: What does Hayley Stommel do?

A: Hayley Stommel is a podcaster, television host, and writer. She speaks about health, wellness and lifestyle topics on her podcast, Morning Joy with Hayley Stommel.

Q: What kind of education does Hayley Stommel have?

A: Hayley is a mass media graduate.

Q: Who is the husband of Hayley Stommel?

A: Tyler Hubbard, former member of the country music duo, Florida Georgia Line.

Q: How many children does Hayley Stommel have?

A: Hayley Stommel is the proud mother to two children, Olivia and Luca.

Summary of Hayley Stommel

Hayley Stommel is an inspiring entrepreneur and an amazing podcaster, television host, and writer. Her passion for learning and helping others has led her to release her podcast, Morning Joy with Hayley Stommel. She speaks about health, wellness and lifestyle, and strives to motivate others to embrace their true identities. Hayley is the wife of Tyler Hubbard, former member of the country music duo, Florida Georgia Line, and the proud mother of two children, Olivia and Luca.Hayley Stommel

What is Hayley Stommel’s podcast about?

Hayley Stommel’s podcast is called “See You in the Cosmos” and it is a podcast that focuses on sharing inspiring stories and conversations on the intersection of science, spirituality, and creativity.

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