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Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History

Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History: The woman, who the influential people of New York City have pegged as Anna Delvey, has been dishonest about her true identity for many years.

Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History

The folks who spent their time going to parties and shopping for clothing at trendy boutiques were under the impression that this Russian-German lady was a member of their top socioeconomic class. On the other hand, when they learned who she really was, it shocked all of them to their cores.


Anna Delvey gave the impression that she was an heiress to a highly wealthy family by indulging in a wide variety of luxurious activities, excursions, and purchases for herself during the course of her life. Everyone who knew her well enough to accept it without question. This was not an unusual event in the wealthy communities of New York City at all.

Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History
Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History

Anna Sorokin

Anna had a costly habit of staying in Soho hotels, which may have appeared unusual to others, but everyone who knew her believed that it was simply more convenient for someone who constantly partied and frequently traveled to the home country to satisfy visa requirements. Anna had this habit of staying in hotels, which may have appeared unusual to others.

Reports indicate that this story was so convincing that even at the hotel where Anna wished to stay, she was not questioned for the information of her credit card, and instead paid in cash for her room. In addition to this, it was not out of the ordinary for the lady to frivolously squander her money, sometimes leaving tips of as much as $100.

She even struck up a conversation with Neffatari Davis, who worked there as a member of the hotel’s staff. The hotel worker recounted her amazement when she was sat next to Macaulay Culkin on one occasion, and Anna looked to know him very well. The two went out together, and the employee said she was surprised by their encounter.

People remember Anna as an outstanding communicator. She had the extraordinary capacity to establish friends with complete strangers in a short period of time, despite the fact that those acquaintances were unaware of her true characteristics.

Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History
Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History

Russian-German con artist


Another person with whom Miss Delvey hit it off quite quickly was her friend Michael Xufu Huang. Both of these individuals were members of the same group. They met one another via their shared interest in art, and before long they were planning a trip to Italy together. The fact that Anna had never paid the party’s bills caused the organizers of her birthday party to contact him in an effort to find her. This is how he learned that Anna was a con artist. She made a request for him to pay for the expenses using his credit card, and he complied with her request; however, she completely neglected to refund him.

At that point in time, stories about Anna and her means of financial support had already started to spread. The first theory put out was that her father either worked in the oil industry or had a position in the Russian government. Another individual claims that she is a member of a rich German family that amassed their money via the trading of antiques. Anna did not seem to be the least bit shaken by the events described in those tales. On the contrary, she seemed to enjoy being the center of attention.

However, that was not the end of it. She aimed higher because she wanted to establish The Anna Delvey Foundation, which would be a place where art and nightlife could coexist. This was a more audacious goal. In order to do this, she needed to find investors and get financing. People started to question whether or not she was indeed an heiress, but Anna was quick to point out that she was unable to access her inheritance while she was in the United States. In addition to that, she was a sponsor for a number of charitable activities.

Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History
Fraudulent Millionaire Anna Delvey Life History

Anna Delvey Netflix

Due to the fact that she had been late with her payments to the hotel up to this point, she had racked up some arrears, and as we remember, she had never given the hotel her credit card information. In the end, the hotel was paid the full amount of $30,000, and she was able to temporarily restore her identity. However, when they asked for the information of her credit card, she manufactured a commotion and went to Morocco with her friend Rachel Williams, who is also her personal trainer. Anna sent a payment request to Rachel, asking her to use her credit card as she was unable to use her own. Rachel gave her approval, but as soon as the bill for $62,000 arrived, she began to deeply regret her decision.

She reiterated the story about the money that was unavailable to her, but of course, no one believed her. Rachel Williams, who had been Anna’s personal trainer in the past, called the office of the New York District Attorney and informed them about Anna’s questionable actions. Not just Rachel, but also a great number of other people from whom the would-be socialite had borrowed money approached her and demanded restitution.

Anna was arrested for failing to pay her hotel expenses, but she was eventually granted bail and freed. A few weeks later, she was taken into custody once again on numerous charges related to robbery and theft of services.

In real life, Anna Delvey went by the surname Sorokin. She was born in Russia in 1991, but her family has since moved to Germany, thus this aspect of the story has remained consistent the whole time. She was born in the year 1991. On the other hand, she is not an heiress to wealthy parents; rather, her family is financially classified as middle-class. At this time, the woman might potentially get a term of up to 15 years in prison. According to the judge, Anna does not seem to have any regrets; nonetheless, she will soon be the subject of a documentary series on Netflix about her life. Now there is nothing left to do except wait and see what the next step will be.

‘I deserve a second chance’: Anna Sorokin says she has regrets

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