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FFXIV: Mount Ordeals Guide (Bosses, Strategies and Rewards)

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FFXIV: Mount Ordeals Guide (Bosses, Strategies and Rewards)

FFXIV: Mount Ordeals Guide (Bosses, Strategies and Rewards)
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Rubicante of Final Fantasy IV fame has come Final Fantasy XIV. Like other Archfiends, this one is an alternate reality version and Final Fantasy IV. Still, fans of the game will see many talents and motifs return. This includes the attack names and Rubicante’s iconic theme song.

The battle in Mount Ordeals is part of the main story of patch 6.3. Players will encounter Rubicante after clearing it. Final Fantasy XIV Lapis Manalis dungeon. While the combat isn’t really mandatory yet, it will bring power weapons and cosmetics.

Mount Ordeals Extreme

First encounter with Mount Ordeals at level 90 Final Fantasy XIV Main story quest Untold Desires From Nahbdeen in Thavnair (x: 10, y: 10). This will be just the standard difficulty and to access the extreme version one will also have to speak to the difficulty level. The Traveling Poet In Old Charlatan (x: 12.7, y: 14.2). One will also have completed their mission before I Wandered Sharlan as a Lover To reach level 90 endwalker Extremes in general. The second fight can be farmed with many rewards worth the additional challenge.

Much of the battle consists of many area-of-effect attacks that will follow players. Final Fantasy XIVFrom Delubrum Reginae. It is highly recommended that players scatter all eight players separately, taking the different cardinal and intercardinal aspects of the circular map. The north and south must also be cut so that a standard light group of a tank, healer and two DPS can gather away from the other light group.

Rubicante’s signature Final Fantasy XIV movement Purification Exam. The beacons outside the room will launch a conic attack if they’re blue, or half the arena if they’re red – but only if a ground fuse touches them. The roads on the ground will show the first traces of the fuse, but after 15 seconds the innermost and outermost roads will turn. YouTuber Hector Hectorson made a visual animation showing exactly where you need to stop to

Tackling FFXIV: Mount Ordeals

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the world’s most popular online role-playing games. With its expansive world, challenging quests, unique characters and mounts, the game has a dedicated fan-base that has kept it afloat for the past decade.

Mount Ordeals is one of many of the game’s content offerings, focusing particularly on challenging bosses and their respective rewards. In this guide, we’ll look at the bosses, strategies and rewards within Mount Ordeals, as well as divulge some frequently asked questions.

The Bosses

Mount Ordeals contains several challenging bosses throughout its duration. All require a particular strategy to take on, and all offer rewards when either completed or simply encountered.

  • Merak Windseekers – This group of three enemies has the ability to buff each other with additional health and defense.Recommended strategy is to focus down one enemy at a time before tackling the others.
  • Ratatoskr – Ratatoskr is an intelligent enemy that can and will use powerful AoE attacks which can easily deplete your HP bar. A steady healing rotation is recommended.
  • Seroria Frostbite – Consisting of two separate enemies, this fight is particularly difficult because both enemies have powerful defensive skills. Targeting one enemy at a time and avoiding their attacks is necessary.
  • Nefer – Controlled by the A.I, Nefer will class-change into a formidable enemy that you cannot harm. The best way to approach this fight is to ignore his class changes and wait until the now-weakened version reverts back.
  • The Four Kings – Possibly the toughest fight in all of Mount Ordeals, The Four Kings sport powerful attack and defense skills and require a consistent healing rotation. Spread out your group and focus down one enemy at a time.


Successful fights in mount Ordeals require quite a bit of strategy. Most of the fights can be difficult even for players with a lot of experience, so it is important to stay on top of your AoE and healing techniques.

AoE: AoE techniques are important in Mount Ordeals because of the sheer amount of enemies. Using powerful AoE attacks can take out large chunks of their HP at once and expedite the fight.

Rotations: Keeping up a steady rotation of heals and other party buffs is important in Mount Ordeals. This ensures that everyone stays in the fight and can deal with the more powerful enemies fast and efficiently.

Positioning: Positioning is key in Mount Ordeals because some enemies have area-of-effect (AoE) attacks. Staying spread out and paying attention to enemy attacks can mean the difference between success and failure.


Completing the entirety of Mount Ordeals provides a variety of rewards for players. These include various weapons and items, but also the chance to obtain the Fire Bull mount.

  • Fire Bull Mount – The ultimate reward of Mount Ordeals is the Fire Bull mount. This rare mount has a chance to drop from the four separate bosses.
  • Loot – Mount Ordeals also offers other rewards in the form of loot. Upon completion, chests can be found that contain powerful weapons and various items.
  • Achievements – Completing this challenging set of fights grants players several achievements for bragging rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Mount Ordeals available on all platforms?

A: Yes, Mount Ordeals can be found on all platforms that feature the game, including PC and PS4.

Q: Is the Fire Bull mount exclusive to Mount Ordeals?

A: Yes, the Fire Bull mount is exclusive to Mount Ordeals and can only be obtained by completing the content.

Q: Are there any other rewards?

A: Aside from the Fire Bull mount, Mount Ordeals involves several chests containing rewards and achievements.


FFXIV: Mount Ordeals is packed with challenging bosses, strategies and rewards. Players will need to stay on top of their skills to successfully tackle this content, as a mistake could mean defeat. When completed, players will be rewarded with the chance to obtain the exclusive Fire Bull mount, as well as other chests containing powerful loot and achievements.

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