Druski cute white girlfriend get leaked on Twitter by Gottea

The information that is reaching LikFlix suggests that Gottea is the one who is responsible for leaking pictures of Druski’s lovely white girlfriend on Twitter.


Druski cute white girlfriend get leaked on Twitter by Gottea


When Ms. Clenney was accused of stabbing to death her Nigerian-American lover Christian Obumseli on April 3, her defenders argued in court that their client was acting in self-defense and that she was justified in her actions.

In a written decision, Judge Laura Shearon Cruz refused bail for the defendant.

Onlyfans leaked: Druski's cute white girlfriend get leaked on Twitter by Gottea
Onlyfans leaked: Druski’s cute white girlfriend get leaked on Twitter by Gottea

According to a paragraph from the ruling that appeared in the New York Post, it stated: “From the evidence presented during this hearing, the court does not find the defendant’s claim of self-defense on April 3, 2022, to be credible.”

In a subsequent ruling, the court said that “there is no dispute that the defendant killed the victim in this case.”

“The only factual issue that’s up for debate is whether or not the defendant was acting in self-defense, and whether or not this allegation makes the state’s evidence suspect. It is abundantly clear that the defendant and the victim had a tragically unstable relationship.

Courtney Clenney, who is now being charged with murder in the second degree and wore pink handcuffs during the day’s hearings, was seen weeping in the courtroom as the judge announced the judgment. Clenney was observed wearing the handcuffs throughout the day.

Onlyfans leaked: Druski's cute white girlfriend get leaked on Twitter by Gottea

Earlier, Ms. Clenney said to investigators that Obumseli shoved and tossed her to the ground during a violent fight and that she then took a knife and hurled it at him from a distance of around 10 feet (3 meters).

According to the medical examiner, the cut that was found on Obumseli could not have been produced by a knife that was thrown from that distance.

Ms. Clenney’s attorney, Larry Prieto, has said that more evidence will create a picture of their connection that is more complete and less biased than the one that has been presented thus far.

Ms. Clenney, who used to go by the name Courtney Tailor on OnlyFans, was taken into custody in Hawaii in August and then sent off to Florida.

At the hearing for her bail a month ago, her father, Kim Clenney, testified that he felt his daughter was the victim of abuse and that he stood by her. He also said that he supported her.

According to Fox News, a court in Miami has already heard that Ms. Clenney collected more than $3 million since 2020 through her OnlyFans accounts. The court was hearing this information.


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