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DOJ considered letting the FBI monitor search for classified documents in Biden’s home: Report

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently considered letting the FBI launch a search in former Vice President Joe Biden’s home for any classified documents, according to a new report.

The DOJ usually allows the FBI to search for classified information within the home of a former government official in the event that documents are believed to be in that particular person’s possession. According to a report from Axios, top DOJ officials inquired about the idea of searching Biden’s home in early 2020.

The inquiry was held months before the 2020 U.S. election, which Biden eventually won, defeating incumbent President Donald Trump. At the time, it was unclear how far the DOJ went in preparing for a potential search of Biden’s home and whether it notified Biden of the inquiry.

The Justice Department’s move comes as Biden has stood out in his criticism of Trump’s own record regarding classified documentary disclosure. During the Obama-Biden administration, Biden was the one who established new guidelines meant to prevent the mishandling of classified documents.

The Biden campaign is yet to officially comment on the DOJ inquiry, but people associated with Biden claim that it is merely a cheap tactic of election interference by the Trump administration which attempts to erase any credibility Biden may have had in his crusade against the mishandling of classified documents.

Despite Biden taking a critical stance when it comes to the mishandling of confidential documents, the former Vice President was also accused of speaking to his son, Hunter Biden, about potential overseas business deals. This suggested a potential conflict of interest that Biden was allegedly partaking in, which he later denied.

At the time of the DOJ inquiry, the Department had already received several tips about the potential for Biden mishandling information and concealing classified documents. Had it gone ahead with its search, it could have resulted in huge political damage to the Biden campaign.

The Department ultimately chose not to go through with the search of Biden’s home, and it’s not clear why it decided against it. Regardless of its reasons, the inquiry shows just how far the DOJ was willing to go to find any evidence of criminal activity that the Department believed to be occurring. It also raises questions about election interference and how far the Trump administration was willing to go to undermine Biden before the election. DOJ deemed permitting the FBI keep track of research for categorized documents in Biden’s property: Report:

The Justice Department resolved after thought not to let the FBI observe the research for categorised documents in President Biden’s home, a report discovered.

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