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DC Announces New Universe of Ten Connected Films and Shows

DC Announces New Universe of Ten Connected Films and Shows

Over the years, it has become a commonplace for movies and shows to release in the related manner of a bigger world, with l””l”” (ii) (iii) making the efforts of others to understand the cinematic universe easier.
It took Hollywood a while to settle on a model that could make the list of several related movies grow, but the model can now create one film after another with enough success.
StudioDC has accumulated some similar content about its own group of superheroes, and this week, the studio released a total of ten movies and shows that will be released in the coming years.

For months, all the news about DC’s future has always been about the company canceling some of its releases, with Batgirl and Black Adam indefinitely shelved.
Black Adam was supposed to launch a series of movies based on the superhero, and the movie was set to open in 2022.
That seems like a long time, but Dwayne Johnson is already working on other projects that could delay the start of a new franchise, so maybe superhero fans should not expect another Black Adam film.

Finally, DC revived the words of cancellation and replacement by replacing some of its former superhero content with new releases.
The new releases come at a time when the company has also appointed two leaders with knowledge and experience in the world of comics and cinema, Peter Safran and James Gun, announcing that DC Studios will be a brand. “Chapter 1” which is a new DC extension.
As Safaran, which is one of the most accredited leaders in StudioDC, the first decade promised by the studio has a focus that highlights family and the love among them, but is not limited to it.
This comes under the concept of “God and monsters,” when the new story behind Superman: Legacy, which will be directed by .
James Gunn’s

, is a more childish, family-friendly story:[‘movie_quote

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The New DC Universe of Movies and Sh ows
All the new projects of DC that were announced apart From those listed above,
Studio DC plans to produce these movies and shows:

Today, Gunn and Safran announced five new movies and five new shows all intended for HBO Max, including brand new versions of DC icons Superman, Batman, and Robin, plus new interpretations of stalwart heroes Green Lantern, Supergirl, Swamp Thing, and more. This was Safran’s statement on this first chapter of new movies and shows

As we craft the plan for DC Studios, we are thrilled to share with fans the first 10 stories they can expect from the unified DC Universe featuring some of our most well-known characters as well as the next generation of marquee characters. Chapter 1 tells cohesive stories that highlight love, compassion, and the innate goodness of the human spirit, all designed to minimize audience confusion and maximize audience engagement across platforms.

Here is the full lineup of what was officially announced:

The New DC Universe of Movies and Shows

All the projects announced by DC Studios as the start of “Chapter 1” of the company’s new universe of movies and shows.

Gunn’s [1]Superman: Legacy is scheduled to open in theaters on July 11, 2025. Other than that, these projects do not have specific release date yet. While you’re waiting for them, the next DC Studios movie, Shazam! Fury of the Gods , is scheduled to open in theaters on March 17, 2023. That will be followed by The Flash on June 16, by Blue Beetle on August 18, and by Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on December 25. After that? It will be time to officially launch a new DC Universe.

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FromSuperman and the Mole MentoThe Suicide Squad , we ranked every movie based on DC comics.

DC Announces New Universe of Ten Connected Films and Shows

DC recently announced its arrival into a new universe of interconnected films and TV shows. The long-awaited launch of the new DC-branded stories will kick off with 10 major films and series aimed at an even wider and diverse audience.

What is DC’s New Universe of Ten Connected Films and Shows?

DC’s new universe of connected movies and TV shows are designed to tell the stories of DC’s beloved characters from multiple angles. The franchise will include 10 diverse titles that will draw on the rich histories and mythologies of DC’s nearly limitless pantheon of existing and emerging characters.

Frequently asked questions about DC’s New Universe of Ten Connected Films and Shows

Q1: What kinds of films and shows are included in DC’s new Universe?

The 10 titles will be genre diverse and span many different worlds, blending genres like horror, science fiction, and fantasy. These include films like The Batman, The Suicide Squad, Green Lantern Corps, and The Flash, as well as TV shows like The Justice League, Harley Quinn, and Black Adam.

Q2: Is this the first time DC will launch a connected story universe?

No! DC has previously rolled out a number of series that are connected and are part of the larger DC film universe. This Universe is separate from the recently announced “DC Multiverse,” which will include standalone stories and film franchises.

Q3: When will these projects begin?

The launch of DC’s new Universe of Connected Movies and TV shows is expected to begin sometime in 2021.

Q4: Who is overseeing the DC’s connected universe?

The project is being overseen by a creative team of writers, directors, and producers, with Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder as showrunners. The team includes filmmakers like James Gunn, Ava DuVernay, J.J. Abrams, and Matt Reeves, as well as a host of prominent names in television, animation, and gaming.


DC recently announced its plans to launch a new Universe of interconnected movies and TV shows, with 10 major titles in the offering. Spanning genres like horror, science fiction, and fantasy, the franchise will draw from DC’s pantheon of existing and emerging characters. The project is being overseen by a world-class team of writers, directors, and producers, and is slated to launch sometime in 2021.

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