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Cryptokenny Levels up Web3 Innovation with Launch of Platform

With a decade in traditional markets and 6 years in the crypto space, Cryptokenny is an OG. As one of three founding partners in the crypto investment firm New Era Assets (NEA), he coordinates project growth, expansion, and operations. Cryptokenny also hosts the Alpha Mutants podcast “Web3Weekly.” An active father of 5, avid traveler, and lifetime student of the financial markets, Cryptokenny is just getting started.  

While his crypto journey started in 2015, it was 2017 when Cryptokenny and a few partners pooled resources and created a privately owned investment firm focusing on crypto new era assets. What they initially did in this private firm was simply invest in basic cryptocurrencies. They now have a small bitcoin mining operation with a node center. This transformed into a VC where they funded some dApps and other start-ups. Up until recently it has been an organic endeavor, but they are now putting a face behind their investments as they grow the portfolio.

Rescue Mission: Alpha Mutants

Cryptokenny’s first NFT project was actually a rescue mission. Alpha Mutants is a project built with a community that was rugged. The group held a vote for a community member to come and save the project. He did an experiment to see if the intellectual property plus sweat equity could turn the project back into something that was valuable. He and his team developed bots that would provide information to the community. They also built a couple aggregators that provided info on things like floors being swept and what wallets were buying volume.  They launched the new project at a discounted price and gave the original collection holders the option to migrate as genesis holders. Those genesis holders are now collecting half of the revenues of the project. Alpha Mutants caters to higher end traders and investors. It is one of the first actual collections that found a way to distribute revenues to holders in a SEC compliant manner. They did it all with no funding.

BlockSafe.Space: A Full Stack Web3 Launch Pad

His most recent venture is, a full stack web3 launch pad service. The direction of the project has been refined as of late. The larger crypto community sees launch pads as a type of crowdfunding service, but BlockSafe is different. They help projects find the needed network and services to take care of all the aspects of launching a web3 project. They are a talent aggregator of sorts. BlockSpace can put together start to finish launch services for dApps, NFTs, blockchains, or any type of project. They even have options for marketing management and a network of VCs to get projects funded. They are a one stop shop for projects wanting to onboard to web3. BlockSpace has secured almost a dozen clients since their soft launch in October.

Competitive prices are a must in this market. BlockSpace offers packages and options for all types of projects. They want to make sure they can offer services to anyone from talented independent artists to entire blockchains. BlockSpace meets projects where they are at. They can offer projects teams with experience on multi million dollar launches, but also teams that can get the job done for smaller ventures. As a privately owned firm, BlockSpace doesn’t need to answer to a team of board members, they’re able to quickly act and do what’s needed. 

Over the next six months BlockSpace will be bringing on strategic partnerships with mastermind groups to foster collaboration between other incubators and communities. They want to secure a pipeline of clientele. They are currently in talks with Fantasm to be a preferred provider. BlockSpace also works with which has an accelerator program launching and the Film Squad, which has most everyone active in the web3 film space. 

Cryptokenny can be heard on the Crypto War Room once a week which features a panel of experts in different fields and education. Find Cryptokenny in Web3 talk rooms every two weeks.
or to learn more follow cryptokenny.eth, @kennthnull, and on twitter.

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Cryptokenny Levels up Web3 Innovation with Launch of Platform

Cryptokenny, a decentralized travel planning application, has launched, a platform to provide supply chain transparency and traceability between travelers, travel providers and companies. The launch of the platform is set to revolutionize the travel industry, offering a decentralized and secure solution to provide data security, store travel documents securely and enable real-time feedback and ratings.

Utilising blockchain technology, will track movements of travelers and enable them to verify their journey and transaction history. The platform also enables travelers to view and select travel services, quickly access documentation and clear up communication barriers.

What are the Benefits of

  • Enables businesses to process customer bookings as quickly as possible.
  • Provides a secure, transparent and reliable platform to store, track and manage customer data.
  • Allows for unprecedented customer loyalty and rewards for travelers who use the platform.
  • Provides real-time customer feedback and ratings, giving a true reflection of the quality of services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does Work?

A: is a decentralized platform built on blockchain technology. By providing an immutable and transparent ledger, the platform provides secure, real-time travel data tracking and enabling customers to verify their travel information.

Q: Who Can Use

A: is available to individuals, businesses, and organizations. All users with verified customer data and an internet connection can benefit from the platform’s secure and traceable solution.

Q: Is Secure?

A: utilizes advanced encryption technologies to ensure that customer data is secure and only accessible by authorized users. As blockchain technology does not store physical data, it is virtually impossible for unauthorized entities to access or alter customer data.


Cryptokenny has announced the launch of, a decentralized platform offering a secure and traceable solution for travelers and the travel industry. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, the platform provides a secure solution for travelers to store, track and manage customer data, as well as allow businesses to quickly process customer bookings. is set to revolutionize the travel industry, enabling individuals to quickly access documentation and clear up communication barriers while providing unparalleled customer loyalty and rewards.

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