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Courtney Clenney: Onlyfans Model kills boyfriend – Onlyfans model murder case

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Courtney Clenney: Onlyfans Model kills boyfriend – Onlyfans model murder case. Onlyfans model stabs boyfriend, courtney clenney, onlyfans crear cuenta para ganar dinero

Viewer Discretion is Counsel! This article includes frightening murder scenes and blood that may be upsetting to some readers.


Onlyfans Model kills boyfriend – Onlyfans model murder case

Model from OnlyFans who allegedly killed her boyfriend was found covered in blood after the homicide.


Courtney Clenney: Onlyfans Model kills boyfriend - Onlyfans model murder case
Courtney Clenney: Onlyfans Model kills boyfriend – Onlyfans model murder case

In recently published photographs taken shortly after the model Courtney Clenney was brought into custody, she can be seen covered in blood nearly entirely from head to toe. Clenney is suspected of having murdered her lover.

It was in April that Clenney was photographed, and you can see that her sweatpants are virtually totally covered with crimson staining. This was soon after the police had brought her back to the station. Even while the blood seems to have largely dried up, there is still still a significant amount of it covering all of her lower body.


It seemed as if there was blood left behind on her palm, in addition to blood being all around the Miami apartment where they resided.

Bear in mind that we had already formed an impression of how gruesome the murder scene looked — LikFlix was able to collect footage of the immediate aftermath, which showed Clenney being restrained by law enforcement as they conducted their investigation.

Courtney Clenney: Onlyfans Model kills boyfriend - Onlyfans model murder case

Clenney claims that she was acting in self-defense when she stabbed her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli. Since then, we’ve learnt that their relationship was a turbulent one… as shown by the fact that the police were called during previous arguments between them.

Since then, she has been arrested on suspicion of murder in the second degree and is being held in detention in Miami as she awaits her trial. Tuesday was going to be the day for the bail hearing.


Watch Onlyfans model stabs boyfriend

BTW, fresh images have appeared showing what seem to be injuries on Clenney in the aftermath of the killing. Her defense team claims the photos were taken a few days after Christian’s murder.

They also feel the photographs provide credence to their contention that Clenney was concerned for her safety.


IG Model Shown Covered in Blood in Video of Fatal Miami Stabbing… After Her Boyfriend Was Killed in a Stabbing in Miami

Watch Onlyfans model stabs boyfriend
Watch Onlyfans model stabs boyfriend


A new video shows the horrific aftermath of a domestic altercation that took place in Miami, which resulted in the stabbing death of one man and left a lady covered in blood.

The video, which was acquired by LikFlix, shows the lady wearing sweatpants and a bra sitting on the floor of a fancy condominium while speaking with law enforcement officers as she is handcuffed and covered in blood.

On Sunday, law enforcement officers responded to a call about a domestic violence incident that involved a stabbing. When they arrived at the scene, they say they discovered a 27-year-old man with an apparent knife wound. He was rushed to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead from his injuries.


Courtney Clenney: Onlyfans Model kills boyfriend

According to the police, the guy shown in the video, Christian Tobechukwu Obumseli, and the lady seen in the video were participants in a violent altercation that ultimately resulted in death.

Christian Courtney Tailor Obumseli

Christian Courtney Tailor Obumseli
The lady’s identity is not being made public by the police, and she has not been arrested; nevertheless, Lee Merritt, an attorney who is working with Christian’s family, claims that the woman is Instagram model Courtney Tailor, who is Christian’s girlfriend.

The bloody bra and sweatpants worn by the lady in the video are similar to those that Courtney wore earlier that day when she broadcasted herself on Instagram Live and shared a video of herself on the platform.

You may be familiar with Courtney since she appeared in the music video for the song “Me, Myself and I.” by G-Eazy, which was released in 2015.

Christian Courtney Tailor Obumseli
People who knew Christian claim that he resided in the building with his girlfriend when they were together.

According to what we’ve been informed, Courtney was brought to the police station for interrogation but was released without being jailed since she allegedly made a suicide threat while she was there. After that, a mental hold was positioned on her.

Courtney, who has a following on Instagram of more than 2 million people, is highlighted extensively on Christian’s Instagram profile.


Watch Onlyfans model murder case Video



Courtney Clenney Twitter Account And Recent Tweets

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