College Scholarship Tip:  Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

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College Scholarship Tip:  Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

This college scholarship tip will help parents and students work together in the college scholarship process to find and win more money for school.

ollege Scholarship Tip: Teamwork makes the Dream work!

Leaving teenagers alone in the college scholarship process is a lot like teaching them how to drive by just handing them car keys.


Who does that???  *cue in sounds of crashing cars*

Students need guidance, and the more parental involvement, the more scholarships they will be able to apply for, and the better their chances of winning.

Parents can play a key part in the scholarship process right from the start by helping their teen become organized, find scholarships they qualify to apply for, reminding them of deadlines, and much more.


Moms and dads, don’t be afraid to become involved and learn along with your students the best ways to create scholarship application packets that stand out from the rest and impress the judges. Take their hands and become partners in the college scholarship process right from the start!

The main reason that I wrote my scholarship guide ebooks is that a fellow parent said to me,

The scholarship success you have had with your son is amazing!

You need to write down exactly what you did and help other parents who feel as lost as I do in the scholarship process.

How involved are you in the college scholarship process with your student? 

Are you afraid to take the first step? 

Knowledge is power, so use this college scholarship tip and download your copy of How to Win College Scholarships


#TeamScholarship all the way!!!



What are parents saying?

“Yes!!!! My daughter and I are a team!! I hunt down the good scholarships that are best for her and make sure she knows what she needs to get it done and the timing. She puts in all the hard work to get it completed! I also learn everything I can about what she can do to stand out of the crowd. Monica’s ebook

is incredible by the way!!!! Also start early and pre plan!!!”  T.T., Scholarship Help & College Talk for Parents Facebook Group Member

and this:

“1st kid-just encouraged her to apply to anything she found. She received $3000.

2nd kid, same approach-just encouragement. Smart, great ACT’s, student class/council president, multiple leadership activities-$0. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Yep-he was so busy he couldn’t find time to research/apply.

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3rd kid-I took control, met with her weekly for organization/planning. True partnership. $38,000 in scholarships.

4th kid will be a senior in the fall. Will I partner with him? Oh hell, yes!” A.S., Kansas Parent

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Teamwork Makes the Scholarship Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Scholarship Dream Work! More scholarship tips from Monica Matthews at

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