Chrishell Stause's 4 Sisters – Facts about Their Lives

Chrishell Stause’s 4 Sisters – Facts about Their Lives

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“Selling Sunset” star Chrishell Stause has many things going for her. With a successful television career, she also has unconditional love and support from her sisters. The reality TV star is one of four sisters.

Although they are not celebrities like their sister, Chrishell’s two sisters, Shonda and Sabrina, have some information about them that is publicly available, especially from their social media pages where they are active. However, the other two sisters, Charissa and Tabatha, lead almost entirely private lives.

Shonda and Sabrina appeared in “Selling Sunset” when news about Chrishell’s divorce broke. They seem to be very close and help each other whenever possible. Chrishell spent much of her teenage years caring for a young Sabrina while Chrishell ran to her older sister Shonda for comfort during hard times.

Shonda Founded Her Own Business

Chrishell and her sister Shonda have always been close. In her book “Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work,” Chrishell said they remained close even after Shonda had left their town and married Chris Davisson, whom she described as a fantastic guy.

Since then, Shonda has gone on to have kids, which appeared with their aunt, Chrishell, in “Selling Sunset,” a show featuring Heather Rae El Moussa. She has also tapped into her entrepreneurial qualities and opened a spa. Chrishell described her as a successful businesswoman.

Along with owning the business, she is also fully hands-on at the spa as she is an expert esthetician. Her company, Skinspa, is a facial bar and boutique. It seeks to personalize skincare and comprises skilled skin therapists who make customized facial and thoughtful product recommendations and offer expert advice.

Shonda was born on July 19, 1977, making her four years older than Chrishell. She and her husband, Davisson, an international business development manager for Hunter Engineering Company, have three children.

Her son, Noah, graduated from Christian Brothers College High School in 2021 and enrolled at the University of Dayton to study Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Biomedical. However, it seems he changed to Graphic Design shortly after beginning his studies.

Another of their two sons, Nicholas, was enrolled at Christian Brothers College High School in 2022 and was part of the Overwatch Esports team that took position two at the Missouri State Championships. The oldest of Shonda’s children is their daughter Savannah, who turned 21 in 2022 and gave her parents their first grandchild.

Many fans fell in love with Shonda after she came to Chrishell’s aid when news of her divorce broke. They noticed and applauded how caring older sister Shonda was to her younger sibling. Christell had traveled to her sister’s home in St. Louis to avoid being overwhelmed by media attention.

Sabrina Was the First Experience of Motherhood for Chrishell

Chrishell recalled a time before she froze her eggs when she inadvertently became a mother while she was fifteen. The then-teenager was initially not happy. However, once the baby, named Sabrina, came into the family, Chrishell fell in love with the newest family member.

She described that experience as her first taste of motherhood. Among her parental roles were changing diapers, feeding, and putting Sabrina to bed. Although it was common for young women to have children early in their small Kentucky town, Chrishell also remembered that it was not all smooth sailing as she had some dirty looks for being a teen mom.

Even after Sabrina had grown up, she still felt like her mother and admits to being very protective of her younger siblings to the extent that she gets skeptical about some people Sabrina is dating who she disapproves of. Sabrina attended Murray State University and now works at Shonda’s Skinspa, where she was an apprentice in 2018.

Chrishell Stause’s Less Public Sisters

The other two of the Stause girls are more private. Tabatha has three children and enjoys cooking, visiting theme parks, gardening, and listening to music, among other things.

The other sister’s name is Charissa. She changed her last name to Hanks and is also a mother after welcoming Shelby in 2012. Although she has a Facebook page, she has not posted anything since 2014 and only has 38 friends. She is fond of snakes and noted that she got one in 2014.

Shonda and Sabrina Were There for Chrishell during a Hard Time

Shonda and Sabrina appeared on season 3 of “Selling Sunset” in support of their sister, who had been going through a much-publicized divorce from her ex-husband, Justin Hartley. Shonda was heard on the show commenting about her sister’s ending relationship, saying:

“I feel like with your last relationship, there was some criticism. A lot of what you did, I don’t think that he took you seriously. A lot of your jobs, he acted like they were not real jobs. And this was your life. This was your job. You worked so hard for it.”

Sabrina added to the conversation, saying there were some instances where she felt Chrishell Stause was standing up for Hartley when it was the wrong thing to do. She explained that Hartley had been ungrateful and disrespectful, which caused Chrishell to be pretentious to cover up for her husband.

In 2020, the sisters were also on hand to welcome Chrishell’s new boyfriend, Keo Motsepe, a star on “Dancing with the Stars” as their sister went back into the dating game. It was a whole family affair as Shonda’s children and husband were all present, and everyone wore matching Christmas snowflake pajamas.

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