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Chandigarh University Viral Video Link: Mohali SSP said that one pupil suffered a panic attack and passed out as a result. According to Vivek Soni, there was not an instance of someone attempting suicide.

Chandigarh University Viral Video Link

During their main investigation into the case of the video leak at Chandigarh University, the Punjab Police said on Sunday that they had only uncovered one video of the guilty person. Mohali Senior Superintendent of Police Vivek Soni said at a news conference after the event caused a significant uproar and stated that they have only recovered one video of the accused woman herself. The SSP has verified that there has been neither an attempt nor a successful suicide. The school resource officer (SSP) commented on the video that went viral showing a kid being carried toward an ambulance and indicated that the youngster had an anxiety attack.

“According to the student, she solely made videos of herself. In addition, the course of our inquiry led us to discover the existence of a single video. According to the SSP, many mobile phones and electronic equipment, including mobile phones and electronic devices, have been confiscated and will be submitted for forensic analysis.

The Chandigarh University video leak event is strongly condemned by Kejriwal, who said that “We are with you.”

Vivek Soni stated the videos never went viral. “Other females staying in the hostel saw the accused recording her own video, which she afterward sent to her lover who was located in Shimla. They were alarmed and believed that she had filmed the movies of everyone else,” he added, adding that it is not a violation of any laws for a girl and a male to exchange recordings with one another.

Watch the demonstration that took place at Chandigarh University around midnight

This is a rundown of the events that have taken place at Chandigarh University since yesterday night.

  • A student at Chandigarh University has been detained on suspicion of filming other female students having showers and distributing the footage. Allegedly, she sent the films to a young man in Shimla who was responsible for their widespread distribution.
  • At the university, there was an outpouring of anger that demanded disciplinary action be taken against the girl. The situation required the intervention of the police in order to be brought under control.
  • It has been suggested that the girl created sixty movies in this manner; however, the police have said that they discovered just one video of the accused person herself, and she has also acknowledged to having created only one video in her defense.
  • Many untruths are being disseminated over social media platforms as a result of many films now doing the rounds. Both the police and political leaders have pleaded with the public to disregard information that cannot be independently confirmed, and politicians have also asked that unpleasant recordings not be shared.
  • It was one of the rumors that some of the pupils whose films were released attempted suicide once their tapes were made public. This assertion is being made in a video that is going viral, which shows a pupil being taken to an ambulance. However, according to Mohali SSP Vivek Soni, such an occurrence did not take place. According to what he stated, one of the girls had an anxiety attack.


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