Brett and Tiffany May Be the Best Match in Season 4 of 'Love Is Blind' (SPOILERS)

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Brett and Tiffany May Be the Best Match in Season 4 of ‘Love Is Blind’ (SPOILERS)

Brett and Tiffany from'Love Is Blind'

Source: Netflix

Brett and Tiffany May Be the Best Match in Season 4 of ‘Love Is Blind’ (SPOILERS)

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 4, Episodes 1-5 of Love Is Blind.

There aren’t many Love Is Blind couples that seem perfect from the start. And, while Brett and Tiffany aren’t without their faults in Season 4, they may be the most well-matched. So, are Brett and Tiffany from Love Is Blind still together?

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Most of the singles enter the pods and strike up romances with multiple partners. Brett and Tiffany appear to have eyes for only each other from the start, though. And despite their initial incident where Tiffany falls asleep on him in the pods, they get engaged. Did their romance stand the test of post-pod life? Here’s what we know.

Tiffany from'Love is Blind'

Source: Netflix

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We suspect that Netflix producers gave Brett and Tiffany a serious crash course in keeping their relationship status a secret from social media. Because, judging by both of their Instagram accounts, it’s hard to say for sure if Tiffany and Brett are still together.

They do both have lots of posts from their respective travels, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re married or even still together.

However, given Brett and Tiffany’s progress on Love Is Blind, it seems likely that if anyone is still together from Season 4, it’s them. And in November 2022, when Tiffany shared a birthday post for herself, she wrote that the year ahead would be “the best one yet” and that she “loves a new chapter.”

Maybe it’s just about having turned 37 years old. Or, if the couple’s fans have it their way, the post is about the marriage.

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Brett and Tiffany might have even gotten engaged in Episode 1, had Tiffany not fallen asleep during their date. And we all know that the Episode 1 engagements seem to be the strongest in the franchise. So it’s hard not to root for Tiffany and Brett at this point.

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Tiffany falls asleep during a pod date with Brett.

When Brett pours his heart out to Tiffany in Episode 1 and it seems like they’re about to become “pod official,” Tiffany does a major Love Is Blind faux pas. She falls asleep without warning and, from Brett’s side, her silence is deafening. It’s a first for contestants on the show, though it’s surprising we haven’t seen this sort of thing before.

Brett from'Love Is Blind'

Source: Netflix

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Love Is Blind singles spend so much time in the pods that dozing off seems like it may be more common than viewers think. Brett almost swears off his relationship with Tiffany for good because of her impromptu nap, however.

But when she explains that it was an innocent accident and that she just feels so comfortable talking to him, things smooth over.

Not long after that, Brett proposes to Tiffany. If they can get through the most awkward date of all time, then they can weather pretty much anything. And yes, that includes marriage.

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