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Bratmitzvahh Twitter: Lavender Lune Biography

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Bratmitzvahh Twitter: Lavender Lune Biography: A singer and social media sensation who is most recognized for the comedic and musical stuff she publishes to her leapinglizzzards TikTok channel, she is also known as “lizzzards.”

Bratmitzvahh Twitter: Lavender Lune Biography


A singer-songwriter living in Los Angeles who is also a social media influencer and who has over 650,000 followers on TikTok. Music is released under the artist’s mononymous alias, ‘Lav,’ and the song “From Me, the Moon” was the song that brought him to prominence.

Bratmitzvahh Twitter: Lavender Lune Biography
Bratmitzvahh Twitter: Lavender Lune Biography

Before Fame

May 2019 was the month when she debuted her TikTok account.


On TikTok, she has over 13 million followers and likes to her name.


family life

Her lover has made an appearance on her own Instagram account, which is lavlune.

Connections Made With

On her account, she has shared a number of TikTok videos, all of which are set to the Kim Petras song “Malibu.”

Lavender Lune was born in Venice, California, in the United States on July 21, 1998, making her current age 24. She is a well-known celebrity on tiktok. According to numerology, the number 1 represents Lavender Lune’s Life Path.

The comedian and singer leapinglizzzards is most recognized on social media for the comedic and musical material that she provides on her leapinglizzzards TikTok account. You may get further details about Lavender Lune by looking here. The following information, including Lavender Lune’s Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, Age, Twitch, and Youtube accounts, as well as her real name and certain details that are less well known, will be covered in this page.

Bratmitzvahh Twitter

sex enthusiast || radical leaning cultural feminist and gender abolitionist || hypocritical sex work critic ||


Opinions on LavenderLunee/ Bratmitzvah? On Reddit

REDDIT @Many Environment8518 LavenderLunee/Bratmitzvah level 1 8 months ago

I followed her till this occurred. She released a video arguing that people were overcorrecting in their advocacy, that women should be the center of the abortion rights conversation, and that she didn’t like birth giver and other words. and then I think a big name tiktok stitched it and got the convo going and ppl were

upset because they feel that trans ppl need to be the center of the convo because they feel they are the most effected and she disagreed and related it to BLM and how technically more white people are affected by police brutality than black people because statistically there are more white people living in the US but you

know the stats, smaller number of black people but they ma Her argument was that women were like black people in the BLM movement and needed attention? She’s suggesting that trans people should be prioritized since they’re the smaller demographic in this equivalency?

She was incorrect and apologized live. But people continued asking her questions throughout her life, and she kept swallowing the bait. She has strong ideas on various subjects, not necessarily incorrect but quite pointed. So she asked a nb person who is the first person you think of when you think of pregnancy, and the

nb person paused for a second and lav said “it’s women it’s okay to say it” (I’m paraphrasing) and everyone freaked out and assumed she said nb people can’t get pregnant, when she said your first thought is a woman. which is natural, indoctrinated, and the usual. I suppose the kids being born now won’t be able to say

that when they grow up because they’ll be exposed to a broader, more inclusive world, but we live in a gendered society, just as we live in a racist one. anyways.

Then the topic of pronouns came up, and Lav said she will continue to determine how strangers present and assume their pronouns or avoid them until they are presented because she has trans friends who have expressed how it gives them dysphoria when someone uses they/them or when Lav herself thinks she’s

obviously presenting female and someone uses they/them. So whatever her buddy group chooses. But these clips are removed from the lives and uploaded, so more people learn about her and dig out her past statements. (f-slur, n-word tweets, etc. She apologized for this stuff and addressed it, but she never pinned it

to her tiktok, so it simply comes up in the comments or on Twitter every few of months.

I believe people got very furious when she mentioned that white trans ppl and nbs are not significant in this discussion and will never be more important since black, brown, and indigenous women in lower class and red areas would be most affected. It was all very odd and charged and people kept hopping into her lives

coming from stitches of her videos asking her why she’s transphobic and she kept having to repeat the same info and they kept asking her weird as questions like some of these were STRETCHES but she also wasn’t doing herself any favors and was picking the most aggressive or wildest questions to answer. I suppose she

quit a cult in 2017 or 2018 and had moderate to right-wing views till 2019? She has a specific manner of chatting online that irritates people, and I believe people want femmes to act sweet when faced with

unfavorable attention. yet she’s verbally slammed TERFS online before, so dunno. The internet forgets.

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