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Boy Meets World Could Have Had 10 Seasons If Not For One Problem

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Boy Meets World Could Have Had 10 Seasons If Not For One Problem

Boy Meets World could have lasted ten seasons, as opposed to just seven, if it weren’t for one problem, according to one of the show’s early writers.

Boy Meets World cast

Boy Meets World or perhaps the writers themselves began their journey in this writing without any sense regarding the series’ ending or cast reversal, thereby cutting off the production of the series unexpectedly
while it was until the seventh season of running. Saying that it was painful to watch show run like this, writer Janette Kotichas believes that if they have slowed the world,
could’ve lasted for ten seasons, except for a key problem, according to one of the writers. The memorable family sitcom focused on Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and those closest to him, highlighting all their personal triumphs and tragedies over the course of its run. All told, the series ran for more than 150 episodes and a total of seven seasons. Decades after its end, Boy Meets World
would lead to a spinoff, titled Girl Meets World
, that would see many members of the original cast reprising their roles.

Still, in a candid interview with the Pod Meets Worldpodcast, writer Janette Kotichas shares that Boy Meets World could’ve lasted longer. explaining how Kotichas, who wrote the “Boys II Mensa” and “Girl Meets Boy” episodes, was asked by Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel about whether Cory and Topanga were always the endgame, or whether that idea emerged later on. In her response, which is included below, Kotichas recalls how she couldn’t watch the sitcom after exiting at the end of season 1. She also shares her view that the show could’ve lasted ten seasons if ” if they had slowed the world ” quoting it involved with a question of how Cory and Topanga were always the end game, instead of making their turns up as story unfolded to some viewers who weren’t aware of a fact that
“It’s an original idea” I mean, this call for changes seemed to be an origin of the show now,
given the fact that Shawn was clever and more mature, that incident kindled Cory Character to respond immediately to the challenge by
asking out Topanga. This created no opportunity to see episodes long-lasting after the show was switch-off.
Speaking to Danielle Fishel,
She had watched the show, she finds
It’s painful to watch after the show was switch off unsuccessful without writing good closing episodes.

Content excerpt from the show

I wouldn’t say it’s an original idea. I would say that it was a logical step for the progression of the show. I mean, the Shawn character was a little older or more mature. And so… it just seemed logical that he was going to get the girls first and he was going to take this more mature stance. And—Cory wanted to keep up, right? He’s like, ‘I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna ask a girl out.’ And then he asks Topanga out…

Which, again, you know, you guys were the core of the show, and he’s gonna ask Topanga out, And then he flips. He’s like, ‘What the heck did I do there?’ I didn’t see the long-term. I couldn’t. Once we weren’t on the show, it was painful. It was painful to watch. I personally think Boy Meets World could have gotten 10 years if they had slowed the world. A little bit.

Why Boy Meets World Ended After Season 7

Boy Meets World

Like a lot of long-running series, theBoy Meets Worldratings slipped by the time it approached the finish line. But given the fact that there was still a sizable viewership, this factor on its own doesn’t account for ABC’s decision to end the comedy. There’s also likely the fact that the cast were growing up, having been on the show since they were kids, and wanted to do something else. In terms of story, the Boy Meets World finale offers closure to its characters and significant storylines.

Still, for a show that has been off the air for decades, the Boy Meets World podcast continues to reveal both lighthearted and more serious happenings from the set. The actors have talked about how ” creepy ” some of the intimate scenes in the series felt, and Fishel also elaborated on the pay gap between her and the show’s male stars, and how executive producer Jacobs had threatened to fire her. Anthony Tyler Quinn recently opened up about why his Mr. Turner character leftBoy Meets World.

The podcast, which is co-hosted by Boy Meets World actors Fishel, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle, will likely shed light on their show’s ending as they go along. It’ll be interesting to hear, in more detail as well, whether they’d agree that the series ran through its plots a little too quickly and perhaps could have slowed down. But it’s clear Kotichas thinks of it as a missed opportunity.

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Source: Pod Meets World

Boy Meets World Could Have Had 10 Seasons If Not For One Problem

Boy Meets World was one of the most popular sitcoms of the early 2000s. It premiered on ABC on September 24, 1993 and went on for seven incredible seasons. Despite its popularity, the show was ultimately canceled in 2000 due to declining ratings and unreasonable production costs.

Why Couldn’t Boy Meets World Go on for 10 Seasons?

Boy Meets World was a hugely successful show with strong ratings, but its production costs were too high for ABC to justify giving it a 10th season. The show’s expensive cast salaries, location filming costs, and other production expenses made it a huge financial burden for the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What show was Boy Meets World based off of?

    Boy Meets World was based on the film Boy Meets Girl from 1993.

  • What was the reason for Boy Meets World going off the air?

    The reason for the show going off air was due to declining ratings and unreasonable production costs.

  • Who wrote the theme song for Boy Meets World?

    The theme song for Boy Meets World was written by Pat Zimmerer and David Zippel.

Although the series ended in 2000, it has since gone on to live on in the hearts of its many fans. Fans have petitioned for a revival of the series, although so far nothing has come of it.


Boy Meets World was a beloved sitcom that captured the hearts of many viewers in the early 2000s. Despite its strong ratings, the show was ultimately canceled in 2000 due to declining ratings and unreasonable production costs. Despite the unfortunate ending, the show has since gone on to live on in the hearts of its many fans.

Meets World

What was the problem that prevented ‘Boy Meets World’ from having 10 seasons?

The show was ultimately unable to sustain its ratings, and the network cancelled it after seven seasons. While the show was obviously beloved by fans, it simply could not get the viewership numbers to stay high and justify a long run of 10 seasons or more.Meets World
The production costs for the series were also very high, making it not feasible for the network to cover the expenses for another three seasons.

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