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Bigo Live Apk Full Version Unlimited Diamond 2023 –

Bigo Live Apk Full Version Unlimited Diamond 2023 –

Bigo Live Apk Full Version Unlimited Diamond 2023 –
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Bigo Live Apk Full Version is claimed to be one of the best Live Streaming applications for now and has many users. It’s not surprising because in this application, you can watch various types of videos that will entertain you all day long.

Even if you manage to make a Live Streaming video and it’s famous, you can get a lot of money from there. And the amount of money you can get is not small.

This is proven by more and more influencers who are looking at this application as their income generator. That way, they can make a lot of money using this one platform.

In addition, Bigo Live is now free from various pornographic and sensitive content since they signed the MoU that was given to Kominfo in 2019.

So that makes this application prioritize the creativity of its users and what is certain is that this application is safer for all ages including children.

However, on this occasion, we will provide a review of the Bigo Mod Apk, in which there are various advantages that you can only get in this application.

Even this mod apk version has various features that you won’t be able to find in the original version. So for this mod apk version, lots of people are looking for a version to download. Therefore, how come you can get Bigo Live Apk Full Version Mod via the download link that follows the following review.

A Brief Review of Bigo Live Apk Full Version

Bigo Live Apk Full Version 1Bigo Live Apk Full Version 1

Bigo Live Apk Full Version is a special live streaming application which is quite popular in Indonesia and has many users. For this mod apk version, the application has undergone a modification process so that it has some special features in it that you won’t be able to find in the original version.

The main function of this application, of course, is to give users the freedom to be able to find various live streaming videos that you can watch freely without limits.

Initially, in this application, you can find all vulgar, sensitive, inappropriate and adult content very easily. But then this application received a strong reprimand from the Government of Indonesia.

So that the Bigo application has started to improve itself and the content contained in it so that it is safe for viewers of all ages.

And now Bigo has changed the regulatory system in the application. So now the application only displays a variety of content that is more polite. Even this application already has stricter rules and is no longer like before where all content is allowed, including sensitive adult content.

Now this application has changed its function which was used by many people to display sensitive things so that they could attract viewers and get lots of money.

But now, this application is more often used by streamers to tell stories about their daily lives. Like an online diary that displays various activities.

Starting from cooking, taking care of plants, giving useful tips to life hacks that can be useful for the audience.

So, if you use this mod apk version, then you will be able to get a variety of interesting features that are not present in the original version.

Fitur Cheated Bigo Live Apk Full Version

Bigo Live Apk Full Version 2Bigo Live Apk Full Version 2

Bigo Live Mod Apk itself has several advantages and benefits that its users can get, the following are its features:

1. Unlimited Diamonds and Bean

The first feature that you can get from this application is unlimited diamonds and beans. So that once you download and install this application, you will immediately get unlimited and unlimited diamonds and beans.

That way, you don’t have to bother collecting diamonds and beans. Because you can immediately get it for free in large quantities too.

2. No Ads

The second advantage of using this application is that you don’t need to see annoying adverts. Because advertisements usually appear often, making the appearance of the application less attractive and even making the application unstable when in use.

So in the absence of this ad, you can get the convenience that you can feel when using this Bigo Live Apk.

Download Bigo Live Apk Full Version

Bigo Live Apk Full Version 3Bigo Live Apk Full Version 3

By looking at the features and advantages of the Bigo Live application, you can download the application via the link below:

Application Information

Application Name Bigo Live-Live Streaming, Live Video, Go Live
Android Minimal 5.0+
File Size 68MB
Licence Free
Link Download

How to get money from the Bigo Live Apk Full Version application

Bigo Live Apk Full Version 3Bigo Live Apk Full Version 3

Lots of people have succeeded in getting large amounts of income from this application. As long as you know how to get income, then of course you can make this application a side income source.

And here’s how:

1. Become a Host

The first way you can do to get money from this application is to become a Host or Broadcaster. The host itself is in charge of broadcasting live on this application by live streaming.

If you succeed in getting the target audience that has been determined then as a host you will get a salary that is quite tempting. Even if you are diligent enough, you can earn up to IDR 75 million per month.

However, this income is uncertain. Because the amount of income that a host can get is usually determined by several things. Starting from the number of followers, content quality, broadcast time to the keywords you use.

2. Streaming While Playing Online Games

Bigo Live Apk seems to be starting to target online game players because they provide the same services and features as YouTube or Twitch. So that gamer streamers can use this application to play live streaming games.

Bigo will pay streamers a fee based on the audience you reach and is set by this application. Basically, this method is not much different from being a host.

3. Earning Virtual Prizes

You can also showcase your hidden and best talents on Bigo Live and then you can request virtual gifts from the audience. There are many royal viewers who will give you prizes if your streaming video is interesting.

You can later convert this virtual prize into beans and the more beans you can collect, the more you can get.

210 beans itself is worth IDR 14,500 or 1 USD.

The final word

With conditions that are safer and friendlier for all users, the Bigo Live Apk Full Version application is quite interesting to use. And of course it can be a field for making money.

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