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Biden Says He Was Unaware of Classified VP Records at Think-Tank Office

Joe Biden recently denied knowing the details of classified records from his time as Vice President in a think tank office.

The controversy arose when a report from the New York Post revealed that Biden’s office was storing confidential records from the Obama administration in a think tank office in Washington DC. It was unclear why the records were stored in this particular office, and there have been questions raised as to who, if any, had knowledge of their presence.

In response, Biden released a statement clarifying his position on the matter: “I was never informed by anyone associated with the vice president’s office that certain documents and records were stored at the think tank office.” He went on to say that he was “unaware of the full extent of the classified information” held in the office and apologized for any “inconvenience” the situation may have caused.

The news of the classified records has caused concern, particularly to some members of the Republican Party. It was speculated the documents could include sensitive information about the Obama administration’s foreign policy decisions. Despite Biden’s denial of knowledge of the documents, Republicans have continued to call for further investigation into the matter.

It’s uncertain at this point what will come of the investigation. However, Biden’s actions suggest that he is taking the allegations seriously, and is doing his best to ensure that all records stored in the office are properly accounted for and kept secure.

At the same time, Biden’s statement that he was unaware of the records serves to protect him from potential entanglement in the investigation. He’s stated that he has had no knowledge of the documents, and therefore cannot be held liable for what may be contained in them.

This is not the first time Biden has been at the center of controversy surrounding his vice president role. After assuming office in January, he’s already had to contend with questions about his use of a private email for White House business and issues about his foreign policy approach.

It remains to be seen how Biden will handle the latest questions about the presence of classified records at the think tank office. Whatever the outcome, Biden is likely to take all necessary steps to ensure that the records are kept secure and any further questions about the documents are answered fully. Biden stated he also does not know the contents of the paperwork.

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