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Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown: Inside a Day in My Life

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Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown: Inside a Day in My Life

Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown: Inside a Day in My Life
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Hannah Brown is just like Us! The Bachelorette alum, 28, is focused on work, fitness and quality time with her loved ones.

While Brown loves a good morning workout, the first thing on her list is hitting the snooze button. “My bed is just so cozy,” she tells Usconfessing that she’s a “slow riser” — but will (eventually) get up to “drink some water” and “read a little.”

Once she’s awake, the TV personality is all about hitting the gym and staying in shape. “I’ve been doing weight training three times a week with 20 to 30-minute Peloton rides for my cardio,” she explains, noting that it’s a “great” way to “get a little sweat in” during her busy days.

While the rest of her afternoon involves Zoom calls and meetings about her new show, Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test — which airs Wednesdays on FOX — Brown is all about prioritizing her loved ones: boyfriend Adam Woolard their dog, Wally.

While Brown got engaged to Jed Wyatt during her season of The Bachelorette in 2019, the twosome split while the show was airing amid allegations that he wasn’t honest about his relationship with former flame Haley Stevens. The reality star moved on with Woolard, 31, and the pair went public with their romance in February 2021.

“We’ve been together over two years now. He’s the best. He’s just the most encouraging, optimistic person. I think I can kind of be, like, assessing the situation … a little bit more fear-based, sometimes,” she gushed exclusively to Us earlier this month. “And he is just so great at encouraging me and just celebrating the life that we have together.”

Brown added that her beau is the “best dog dad” to their pup. “We’re doing great. I’ve always said this, but he just continues to make me feel just so comfortable in who I am and who we are.”

While the lovebirds enjoy taking Wally “on walks around the neighborhood” and “cuddling up on the couch” together, the Alabama native told Us that she’s not rushing down the aisle anytime soon.

“Of course, we’ve talked about [getting married]but I am so great where we’re at,” she told Us. “I think he is too, but I do think it could be a possibility at some point. But not something that I’m rushing.”

Brown is all about keeping it low-key, which is why a “post-dinner chill sesh” followed by “reading a few chapters of a good book” is the way she wraps up her day before hopping into bed — and setting a few alarms to help her in the a.m.

Want to know how else Brown spends her time? Scroll down to see what a typical day in her life looks like.



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Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown: Inside a Day in My Life

Hannah Brown, the reigning Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars champion, leads an exciting and busy lifestyle. She wakes up bright and early each day and starts off with a balanced, nutritious breakfast. After that, she likes to relax with a good book and some yoga.

But her day isn’t just about relaxation; there’s often lots of inspiring work to be done. As part of her role on the show, Hannah often makes appearances at events, gives interviews, and meets with fans. She loves the energy of being surrounded by her supporters, and hearing their stories and what they love about her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Hannah Brown do each day?

A: Hannah Brown starts her day with a balanced, nutritious breakfast, followed by yoga and a book. The rest of her day is spent attending events, giving interviews, and meeting her fans.

Q: Where do fans get to meet Hannah?

A: Hannah loves attending events and meeting with her fans. You can often find her at special events or in places like shopping malls and movie theaters.

Q: Does Hannah do any volunteer activities?

A: Yes, Hannah loves giving back and volunteering her time to worthy causes. She has been involved in many charities and events, including a visit to a children’s hospital.

Q: Does Hannah still watch The Bachelorette?

A: Yes, Hannah still loves watching The Bachelorette every week and cheering on her friends.


Hannah Brown leads an exciting and busy life as the reigning Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars champion. She begins her day with a healthy breakfast and relaxation before she heads out to attend events, give interviews and meet her fans. In addition, she is involved with various charities and still loves to watch The Bachelorette. Hannah is an inspiration to fans everywhere and is truly living her best life!

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