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Ayesha Lawful Motion On Leaked Video clip | Babar Azam Respond About Sarfaz Ahmed | Mehreen Shah Got haras

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Recently, Pakistani Cricketer Ayesha Lawful took an admirable stance on the leaked video featuring a cricketer and a woman, which led to immense backlash on the woman and fuelled much debate on social media about what exactly constitutes harassment. Aside from this, the nation was abuzz as Pakistan captain Babar Azam and former captain Sarfraz Ahmed embarked on a Twitter spat due to a rumored private conversation. Then, a young law student, Mehreen Shah, posted a thread on Twitter, explaining how she has been subjected to ongoing cyber stalking and harassment.

The story of Ayesha Lawful begins when a video was circulated on social media that involved a cricketer, who was later identified as Umar Akmal, and a woman. While Umar was seen talking to the woman and was accused of being inappropriate, the woman was subjected to an unending tirade of hate and bashing. When the video was leaked, Ayesha, a cricketer, quickly took to her verified account and expressed her opinion on the issue. She strongly condemned the ‘victim-shaming’ of the woman in the leaked video, saying that it was unfair for the woman to be subjected to such spiteful treatment by a few people who had no stake in the matter.

In her post, Ayesha wrote, “Yes, men should be held accountable for their actions, but regardless of the conversation, slut-shaming and victimizing someone is just wrong. That’s not respect, that’s not empathy. That’s not human decency. No one should be subjected to one sided judgement and that too publicly.”

This bold act by Ayesha is being widely praised by the cricket community and beyond.

Aside from this, Babar Azam and Sarfraz Ahmed took to Twitter to express their differences over an alleged private conversation. Babar urged the former captain to stick to the discussion they had together while Sarfraz said that he had already been affected by false and baseless allegations.

This spat was followed by a thread posted by a law student, Mehreen Shah, who spoke about her ongoing harassment by a group of anonymous users. A few days ago, Mehreen had confronted the group of men on Twitter and the very next day, her place of work was released on the same platform. Through her thread, Mehreen wrote about her mental trauma and the emotional distress she suffered due to the trolling.

These incidents have opened doors for much needed conversations about cyber stalking, harassment and hateful behavior, as well as the unequal treatment of women. Ayesha’s stand for the woman in the leaked video clip has been an example for all of us to speak up against such horrific acts. While middle-school level twitter drama among cricketers, who started the conversation in the first place, raises brows, Mehreen’s story reminds us of the grim situation that is prevalent in this digital world.

It’s time that we vote with our tongues, our tweets and our profile pictures, to advocate against such mentality in society. We must also strive to become better people and set an example, be it in our daily lives or online. With the right kind of effort, we can, at least make an effort to be conscious of how we move around and speak on the internet, with deep respect and empathy. Ayesha Lawful Motion On Leaked Video | Babar Azam Respond About Sarfaz Ahmed | Mehreen Shah Obtained haras: #LeakedVideo #ViralVideo #LeakedVideos #LeakedTape #SexTapeVideo

Watch: Ayesha Lawful Motion On Leaked Online video | Babar Azam Respond About Sarfaz Ahmed | Mehreen Shah Received haras

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