Average GMAT Score For Top Business Schools In The US And Europe

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The average GMAT score is a crucial factor in determining the success of a business school applicant. To secure a spot in a top MBA program, a high GMAT score, which indicates academic preparedness and a commitment to success, is necessary. So, how much should you score on the GMAT? Well, it depends on the average GMAT score of your target business school. The average GMAT score of the top US business schools is 696, ranging from 639 (Smeal) to 733 (Stanford GSB). If you are wondering what is a good GMAT score for your target business school, it is at least 20 points higher than the average GMAT score of the last incoming class of your target MBA program.


Average GMAT Scores

According to the GMAC, the average total GMAT score for all the test takers between January 2019 and December 2021 is 574.51. The total GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800. Here is the average GMAT score according to GMAC based on test-takers between the period of January 2019 to December 2021:

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GMAT sectionAverage GMAT score
Total 574.51

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Beware that the score presented above is the average score based on all test-takers between the period of January 2019 to December 2021. If you want to apply to top business schools, you would require to score above the selected business school average. A 700+ score can increase your chances of getting an admit to top business schools. Learn how to get a 700+ on the GMAT in just 5 steps. Watch this video:

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In this article, we share the average GMAT score for:

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Top MBA programs in the US


Here is compiled information on the top business schools in the United States.

MBA program2022
2021 GMAT2020
2019 GMAT2018 GMAT2017 GMAT2016 GMAT 2015 GMAT 2014 GMAT 
The Wharton School733733733732732730730732728
Harvard Business School730730730730729729729725726
Stanford Graduate School of Business737738738734732737737733732
Booth School of Business729732732730731730726726724
Kellogg School of Management729729727730732732728724713
MIT Sloan School of Management730730730727728722724716713
Dartmouth Tuck726724724723722722717717716
Columbia Business School729729729727732724720715716
UC Berkeley (Haas)729729726725726725717715717
Yale School of Management725726730720724727725721719

Here’s a visualization of the average GMAT scores of the top 10 business schools

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MBA program2022 GMAT2021 GMAT2020 GMAT2019 GMAT2018 GMAT2017 GMAT2016 GMAT 2015 GMAT 2014 GMAT 
Michigan (Ross)720722710719720716708708702
Duke (Fuqua)718713700700704702695696690
Virginia (Darden)720715703713718713712706706
Cornell (Johnson)710710700696699700700697692
UCLA (Anderson)711714706719719716715713715
NYU (Stern)733729723721717714710720721
CMU (Tepper)702691680687691691686690687
Texas-Austin (McCombs)706708710704703703699694690
UNC (Kenan-Flagler)706696694697702701700701697
Emory (Goizueta)700692690684685682683678678
Indiana (Kelley)685685652666677678670668668
Washington (Foster)710710692695693693691688682
Georgetown (McDonough)697704692694693692692692691
Notre Dame (Mendoza)685670671671674683682686
Rice (Jones)702705689710706711690676676
USC (Marshall)732716707708705703692679684
Georgia Tech (Scheller)690681681681680680678676
Washington (Olin)670684687695693694688695699
Michigan State (Broad)658650674674670674670664666
Arizona State (Carey)694685680682682682672673
Minnesota (Carlson)690690690690690676675680683
Wisconsin School of Business665649665670678669669668
Vanderbilt (Owen)690690680680680688691690688
Ohio State (Fisher)673666680676670671664661
BYU (Marriott)678669675680680672674667
Penn State (Smeal)666639658657661659636649
Rochester (Simon)670667667666665667684

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Top Business Schools in Europe


The average score for the top 16 business schools in Europe ranges between 638 and 709. If you are targeting business schools in Europe then here is a compiled information:

European MBA programs2019 GMAT2018 GMATChange
London Business School708707+1
Cambridge (Judge)691693-2
HEC Paris690691-1
IESE Business School681686-5
Oxford (Saïd)690681+9
IE Business School685680+5
SDA Bocconi6656650
Warwick Business School660654+6
Manchester Business School6506500
ESMT Berlin638640-2
St. Gallen674634+40

*The average GMAT scores for the business schools in Europe are taken for the years 2018 and 2019, while those for the US business schools have taken from 2014-2022.

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Is a GMAT score of 650 good?

Generally, a GMAT score of 700-740 is a good score and a GMAT score of 740+ is an excellent score. However, a good GMAT score would vary from person to person and would depend on his/her target business school. Know how to derive a good GMAT score for yourself.

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