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Austin Butler vows to ditch ‘Elvis’ accent

Austin Butler vows to ditch ‘Elvis’ accent

Austin Butler vows to ditch Elvis accent
Austin Butler vows to ditch Elvis accent
Austin Butler vows to ditch ‘Elvis’ accent 

Austin Butler set to say his Elvis accent goodbye after finishing the film’s press tour.

“I get rid of the accent, however I’ve most likely broken my vocal cords with all that singing,” including, “One track took 40 takes.”

Butler obtained essential applause for Elvis Presley’s portrayal within the Baz Luhrmann-helmed biopic.

Beforehand, the Oscar nominee beforehand mentioned he practiced tackling famed musician’s voice.

“I might hear him say a sure phrase, and I might clip simply that bit out, so I knew how he mentioned that phrase,” he mentioned of his course of. “I created my very own archive of how he mentioned each phrase and each diphthong, and the best way that he used musicality in his voice.”

Austin Butler-starrer Elvis gained the 2023 Golden Globes for Greatest Actor and bagged a Greatest Image nomination from The Academy.

Austin Butler Pledges to Drop ‘Elvis’ Accent

Australian actor Austin Butler is set to take on the role of music legend Elvis Presley in the upcoming biopic helmed by Baz Luhrmann. In preparation, Butler revealed that he has been completely immersed in the King of Rock and Roll’s lifestyle in order to portray the iconic character accurately. While the part may call for him to rock the signature accent, Butler is still resolved to remain true to his own roots.

In an Entertainment Improvement interview, Butler spoke of his commitment to maintain his natural accent while on set and revealed that he’s been working with dialect coaches, saying: “I’m just going to tickle it a bit. I don’t want to do the full-on on-stage impersonation. I want to stay true to my own roots.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Austin Butler’s Vow to Quit The ‘Elvis’ Accent

Q: What biopic is Austin Butler set to star in?

A: Austin Butler will be starring as music legend Elvis Presley in an upcoming biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann.

Q: How has Austin Butler been preparing for the role?

A: Butler has completely immersed himself in the life and style of Elvis Presley in order to accurately portray the character on screen.

Q: What is Butler’s take on portraying the accent?

A: According to Butler, he plans on “tinkling” the accent to remain true to his own roots and will not go full-on impersonation.


Australian actor Austin Butler is set to bring legendary rocker Elvis Presley to life on the big screen. To authentically carry on the role, Butler is determined to preserve his natural accent while speaking the trademark “Elvis”. The up and coming actor is talking to dialect coaches and familiarizing himself with the style and persona of the music icon in order to capture Presley’s character accurately. While Butler respects and pays homage to Elvis’ iconic accent, he is adamant about staying true to his personal roots and promises to “tickled” it rather than attempt a complete imitation.

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