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Aussie comedian Barry Humphries, 89, shares health update after fall left him in ‘agony’

Aussie comedian Barry Humphries, 89, shares health update after fall left him in ‘agony’

Aussie comedian Barry Humphries, 89, shares health update after fall left him in ‘agony’
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Aussie comedian Barry Humphriesthe man behind the character Dame Edna Everage, is assuring his fans that he’s OK.

Last month, the 89-year-old stage star, who lives in London with his wife Lizzie Spender, fell accidentally and broke his hip while in Sydney, which he says left him in “agony”.

Humphries told the Sydney Morning Herald that he’s since undergone surgery and is recovering well with “very painful” physiotherapy at a clinic in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

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Lizzie Spender and Sir Barry Humphries
Barry Humphries, pictured here with his wife Lizzie Spender, fell and broke his hip last month. (Dave Benett/Getty Images)

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“It was the most ridiculous thing, like all domestic incidents are. I was reaching for a book, my foot got caught on a rug or something, and down I went,” Humphries, who dubbed himself “Bionic Bazza” due to his new titanium hip, told the newspaper’s Andrew Hornery.

According to Hornery, Humphries is “adamant” he’ll be back on his feet as soon as possible, as he needs to be in shape for a one-man show he’s hosting later this year.

“I sit a lot in the show, and there’s a bit of pacing… I don’t think it’s going to be a problem, but I do have to get on with my physio,” the Melbourne native said.

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Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage
Humphries, who is behind the character Dame Edna Everage, says he has to be back on his feet for a one-man show later this year. (WireImage)

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Humphries said he wanted to ease his fans’ fears and assure them he’s “on the mend” and his “trajectory is up” – and advised them to avoid breaking their hip if possible.

“The medical bills were bloody enormous,” he said.

”I strongly advise not breaking your hip!”

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