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As Alex Murdaugh's Trial Marches on, We're Taking a Look at Where He Came From

As Alex Murdaugh’s Trial Marches on, We’re Taking a Look at Where He Came From

Alex Murdaugh

As Alex Murdaugh’s Trial Marches on, We’re Taking a Look at Where He Came From

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

It was assumed that the murder trial of disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh, who’s accused of killing his wife and son, would be revelatory. Before he even stepped foot into a courtroom, there was murder, fraud, and a hired hitman to contend with. The details of this case are so bonkers that it’s no wonder the made-for-TV movie isn’t already in the works.

Now, Alex Murdaugh’s parents are being pulled into the mix in vastly different ways. Here’s what we know.

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First of all, are Alex Murdaugh’s parents still alive?

According to his obituary, Alex Murdaugh’s father passed away June 10, 2021, a mere three days after the deaths of Alex’s wife, Maggie, and son Paul.

Admirably, Alex also learned from his father, where he worked in “his father’s law firm, after graduating from law school in 1964, and when his father Randolph Murdaugh III returned to Hampton in South Carolina, became an Assistant Solicitor for the 14th Circuit.” For 87 years, a male member of the Murdaugh family held that same position,

Randolph Murdaugh III

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According to the Greenville News, a lot happened inside of that 87 years:

“During that [near] century, Murdaugh’s ancestors have been involved on both sides of the justice system. They’ve been in federal conspiracy cases and numerous criminal cases involving unscrupulous bankers in the compelling but controversial legal dynasty that serves as a powerful backstory for current events.”

As Lord Acton once said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” But what about Murdaugh’s mother, who is, of course, not part of this legacy of loose morals?

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Alex’s mother, Libby Murdaugh, is still alive but not doing very well, apparently not in normal state.

Once again, regrettably, Libby Murdaugh suffice in suffering of dementia, but she plays a small part in the night the Alex Murdaugh’s wife and son were , per Courthouse News.

Very shortly after the time that officials believe Maggie and Paul were killed (around 9 p.m.), Murdaugh stopped his mother’s house where he spoke with her caretaker, Mushelle “Shelley” Smith. Smith testified that he didn’t stay for more than 20 minutes, adding that stopping by at that hour was “unusual” for Murdaugh. Smith also testified that in exchange for a fancy wedding gift, Murdaugh asked her to say that he was there for “30 to 40 minutes.”


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Perhaps the most damning information to come from Smith’s testimony was when she discussed Murdaugh stopping by again early in the morning. It was during that visit that he brought what she referred to as a “blue tarp” that he left on a chair in his mother’s room.

“In September 2021, SLED investigators executed a search warrant at the residence,” where they found a blue tarp “stored along with some dishes in an upstairs bedroom closet,” along with a blue raincoat in a coat closet. When both were tested, the blue raincoat tested positive for gunshot residue.

When being cross-examined, Smith still maintains that Murdaugh carried in a blue tarp not a raincoat.

As Alex Murdaugh’s trial marches on, the media and public’s attention has been moving to his past. From his family to his educational background, we are taking a look at where Alex Murdaugh came from. Here we have put together a summary of key points.

Who Is Alex Murdaugh?

Alex Murdaugh is a 28-year-old man from Canada who is on trial for murder. He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder for the death of an elderly man in a small rural town. Alex has denied all charges. His trial is currently underway.

Background Information

Alex was born to a family of low socioeconomic means and was raised by his single mother. He graduated high school and later attended university where he studied music. He was involved in multiple bands and had some success with touring. He eventually dropped out of university to pursue his music career full-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Alex’s current situation? Alex is currently on trial for one count of murder. His trial is underway and the verdict is pending.
  • Where did Alex come from? Alex was born in Canada to a family of low socioeconomic means. He attended university and studied music, but eventually dropped out to pursue his music career full-time.
  • What is Alex’s background? Alex’s background is one of music and performing. He has had some success with his musical endeavors and was involved in multiple bands before his trial.


As Alex Murdaugh’s trial marches on, the public has been looking into his past. Alex is a 28-year-old man from Canada currently on trial for murder. He grew up in a low socioeconomic background and graduated high school. He pursued music in university and then dropped out to pursue a career in music. He has some success with multiple bands and was involved in performing until his arrest. His trial is pending and he denies all charges.

trial music

What charges is Alex Murdaugh facing in his trial?

Alex Murdaugh is facing two counts of second-degree murder in his trial.trial music

What evidence is being used to support the charges against Alex Murdaugh?

The evidence being used to support the charges against Alex Murdaugh includes security footage allegedly showing Murdaugh hiding in bushes near the victim’s house, testimony from neighbors who saw Murdaugh in the area and heard him arguing with the victim shortly before the murder, forensic evidence linking Murdaugh to the scene, and a confession from Murdaugh.

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