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90 Day Fiancé: Yara Zaya's 5 Most Embarrassing Instagram Edits

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90 Day Fiancé: Yara Zaya’s 5 Most Embarrassing Instagram Edits

90 Day Fiancé’s Yara Zaya is known for more than just her marriage to her husband, Jovi Dufren, or being a mom to the couple’s daughter, Mylah; she’s also known for her overly edited Instagram photos. In her own right, Yara has become one of the most talked about stars in the 90 Day Fiancé world. She first appeared in the original series, then moved on to 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After? seasons 6 and 7. However, the star has become infamous away from 90 Day Fiancé as well.

Although 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After? season 7’sYara does post photos that show off her gorgeous looks along with her sweet family, she can rely heavily on photo editing. While not everyone is fortunate enough to meet Yara in person, those who have claim Yara looks incredibly different in real life than she does in her photos or on screen. With accounts of fans meeting her in person alongside her noticeably edited photos, finding the worst of Yara’s heavily edited photos on Instagram was not too difficult.

5 5. Yara Zaya’s FaceTuned Photo With Shaeeda

Yara took a photo with fellow 90 Day Fiancé star Shaeeda Sween in New York City, and while both stars look beautiful, Yara’s editing on the photo is obvious and a bit extreme. Shaeeda, who is quickly becoming a fan-favorite with husband Bilal Hazziez after 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, looks stunning next to Yara in the photo, her outfit complementing the blonde’s all-white look. Shaeeda and Bilal, who will appear again on 90 Day Fiancé, were spotted on Yara’s feed along with Kim Menzies, though the photos with Yara and Kim seem to be much less edited. In Yara’s photo with Shaeeda, her skin looks smoother, and her features slimmer. The coloring of the photo has been adjusted along with the brightness, and for the most part, it looks noticeably altered.

4 4. Yara’s Airbrushed Doll-Like Look

In one of Yara’s more formal photos, she is wearing a long purple gown while her husband, Jovi, has on a sleek, black tuxedo. The pair, seemingly at a formal event in Houston, Texas, seem happy to be dressed up and out of the house. With their young daughter Mylah typically in their social posts, it is rare for the pair to go out on their own. Though Jovi and Yara look elegant and classy in their formal wear, Yara’s editing of the photo makes her look incredibly unrealistic. Yara’s face, in particular, looks airbrushed. Her features seem almost doll-like, creating a somewhat spooky, smoothed-out look. Though she is smiling, she seems uncharacteristically stoic and still, her face too shiny and her expression more muted than her followers are used to seeing. Jovi, in comparison, looks relatively unedited.

3 3. The 2022 Dufren Family Christmas Photo

With daughter Mylah in tow, Jovi and Yara posted their Christmas photo on both of their Instagram accounts in 2022. While their daughter, who was born in September 2020, distracts from Yara’s editing with her cute-but-sad crying face, it is still noticeable that Yara has edited the photo to make her look more aesthetically pleasing. As the couple sits on either side of Santa Claus, both smiling for the camera, it is clear that Jovi has not been retouched, while Yara has altered her complexion. Yara, who might take Jovi for granted, has clearly brightened her skin tone and hair color to an extreme that is noticeable next to her husband and daughter, who looks photographed as normal.

2 2. Yara’s Over-Filtered Rooftop Photos

Although she normally posts alone or with her daughter Mylah, Yara is often photographed by her husband, Jovi. The pair spent most of their time traveling, as it is what brought them together. Things are clearly a bit different from when they first met, as they have found 90 Day Fiancé fame, gotten married, and had a child; however, the couple still appreciates a trip whenever they can take one. When they’re not on vacation, Yara and Jovi try to fit in date nights whenever possible, and one of Yara’s most recent photo-editing fails comes from a date night shot that is credited to Jovi. Yara, who was shown having issues with Jovi this past season, shared photos of herself in a pink outfit that had visibly been brightened and smoothed, along with her skin and hair glowing unnaturally. In comparison to a photo of Jovi in the same spot, it seems Yara has altered the colors in the background so
her image can “pop” against the dark cityscape.

1 1. Jovi & Yara At Different Brightness Levels

One of Yara’s most discussed photo-editing fails is posted on Jovi’s Instagram and has been heavily discussed for its overwhelmingly obvious editing. In the photo, Yara and Jovi are posed together, smiling, at the camera on a rooftop in New York City. Yara is bathed in warm, bright light that shows off her smoothed-out features, along with her face, seemingly altered a bit for the photo. She looks casual, one hand in her hair and the other sliding into her pocket. Jovi, who fans think is a catch, is standing next to her in what seems to be a shadow. Though it is unclear if he is standing in somewhat different lighting, given how close the couple is to one another, it is unlikely that the light could change that drastically. Jovi is shrouded in darkness in the photo, his features shadowed and unedited. Fans have even commented on the photo asking if Yara was photoshopped in, to which Jovi explained, “Hahaha everybody the picture is [not] photoshopped. Jamal just never used the camera before so he was just clicking a button and it flashed on her.” While Jovi’s explanation is valid, 90 Day Fiancé fans can’t help but wonder if Yara’s photo editing skills are at play once again.

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Source: Jovi Dufren/Instagram

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