74-Year-Old Lady Gets Phone Call from Sick Millionaire and Finds Out She’s His Heir

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74-Year-Old Lady Gets Phone Call from Sick Millionaire and Finds Out She’s His Heir

Jane Sayner | John Perrett | Source: facebook.com/ACurrentAffair9 | twitter.com/ACTPolicing

It was a typical day for an Aussie woman until her phone started ringing. A familiar voice greeted her as she answered the call, never expecting what would come next. Her reaction was a mix of shock and excitement as she learned something that completely altered her life.

When Jane Sayner first began looking for a place to live, she had no idea what the future had in store. All she wanted was to rent a home that would fit her budget and become her safe haven as she navigated the highs and lows of life.

After looking at some options, Sayner saw a two-bedroom unit in St Albans, northwest of Melbourne, Australia. The place had a warm and homely feeling and came with a lovely garden—reason enough to captivate Sayner’s heart and convince her that it was a perfect choice.

Jane Sayner | Source: YouTube.com/A Current Affair

Jane Sayner | Source: YouTube.com/A Current Affair

A Man of Many Interests

What happened next wasn’t hard to guess; one thing led to another, and Sayner happily moved into the neighborhood. Her landlord was John Perrett, known for his genuine heart, benevolence, and warm-heartedness.

He was his parents’ only son, never married, and had no living relatives.

In addition to being a property investor, a pharmacist, and a football and tennis player, he was a true community man known for his philanthropic spirit. Perrett had built a multi-million-dollar fortune over the years through his unwavering determination and unswerving diligence, but he remained modest.

Jane Sayner's St Albans home | Source: YouTube.com/A Current Affair

Jane Sayner’s St Albans home | Source: YouTube.com/A Current Affair

Perrett’s Lifestyle & Sayner’s Love for Gardening

According to Sayner, whenever she went to Perrett’s place to pay him her rent, she couldn’t help but notice his simple lifestyle and how he rarely spent money on himself. Of the many things that stood out was his old TV set, where he enjoyed watching his favorite cricket matches.

The Melbourne lady, who worked at an Epping fruit and vegetable market and had to wake up early every day, was still happy with her life. She loved coming to her St Albans home and tending to her beautiful garden, where she had planted new green babies over time.

Jane Sayner with a news correspondent for

Jane Sayner with a news correspondent for “A Current Affair” in her St Albans unit’s garden | Source: YouTube.com/A Current Affair

A Surprise Phone Call

But despite leading a peaceful life, Sayner couldn’t harbor thoughts of retirement until she received an unexpected call one day. When she answered the phone, she was astonished to hear Perrett’s voice. She recalled:

“I got a phone call from him one day and he said, ‘I want you to talk to my solicitor, he is here at the moment and can you give him your full name because I’m leaving you the unit’.”

Sayner, who had been a tenant in the St Albans unit for 23 years, was flabbergasted and speechless. She said she had to pinch herself every now and then to comprehend how everything had changed after Perrett’s phone call.

Professor Nigel Toussiant | Source: YouTube.com/A Current Affair

Professor Nigel Toussiant | Source: YouTube.com/A Current Affair

Sharing His Riches with the Deserving

By that time, Perrett had moved into a nursing facility to receive treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Through smart investing, he amassed millions but preferred to live humbly. He also left a second property to another St Albans tenant, while another flat he owned was sold, and the money was donated to a hospital.

The multi-millionaire passed away in September 2020 at the age of 86. He was his parents’ only son, never married, and had no living relatives. A major portion of his fortune, $19.6 million, went to Royal Melbourne Hospital’s nephrology department, where he once received a kidney transplant nearly 30 years ago.

Professor Nigel Toussiant thanked Perrett for his life-saving donation and said the hospital planned to honor him with commemorative plaques. “Words can almost never describe how unselfish and incredibly generous he is,” said Toussiant about Perrett.

A Life-Changing Gift

For Sayner, however, her landlord’s generous gift meant the world and finally helped her take the much-needed retirement. “He’s changed my life in the fact that I now own this,” said the happy woman. She recounted Perrett’s kindness and said he always ensured the repair and maintenance procedures in the house were done timely.

Sayner, 74, noted that she paid $250 rent weekly, which hardly increased over the years; otherwise, she would have never been able to afford the place. Sitting in her garden and remembering her rental provider’s generosity, Sayner had nothing but gratitude and best wishes for Perrett. She added:

“I thank him still, every day of my life … just privately, I say, ‘thanks John’.”

Amassing Love & Support Online

With so much negativity and heartbreaking news circulating online, Sayner and Perrett’s story came as a breath of fresh air, captivating people’s hearts and garnering sheer love and appreciation. Here are a few comments worth mentioning:

“I enjoyed this story – a good news story of a very generous man and equally grateful tenant. They were obviously very reliable and helpful to each other.”

— (@angela.james.31337) May 26, 2022

“What a generous man, giving some of his estate to people who genuinely deserve it. Bless him.”

— (@josephmarafioti) May 26, 2022

“She was obviously a very good tenant who cared for the home like it was hers, so he showed his appreciation to her…such a happy story.”

— (@denise.ninness) May 26, 2022

“What a wonderful story for a change ….. The man had no one to leave his fortune to he cant take it with him and they had a wonderful tenant/ landlord relationship for many years she loved and cared for the property … I couldnt think of anyone more worthy for this gift just lovely (sic)….”

— (@mary.humphrey.739) May 26, 2022

“What a beautiful story and obviously the landlord appreciated his tenant and the money he left to the hospital will help thousands of other people – bless him.”

— (@jenny.fuller.353) May 26, 2022

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