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6 households out of 10 owners: real estate is the first component of the heritage of the French

6 households (out of 10) owners: real estate is the first component of the heritage (of French)[1965-Handsomeowner]6 households (out of 10) owners: real estate is the first component of heritage (French)[19-Handhandsome]– #households #owners #real #estate #component #heritage #French[1965-handsome]Barthélémy Philippe 6:18 a.m., January 28, 2023, modified at 8:24 a.m., January 28, 2023[1965-Handsome]A survey conducted by INSEE reveals the underside of heritage French and testifies to the wealth gap between owners and non-owners. In total, 92% of all gross wealth is held by 50% of the best-endowed households. Heritage is the first component of the French, who make real estate investment their priority.[1965-Hard]INSEE has just unveiled its major triannual survey on heritage French (over the year 2021). We discover that half of households hold less than 177,000 euros, but also that wealth is unevenly distributed. 92% of all gross wealth is held by the best-endowed 50% of households. Figures that testify to the importance of real estate in heritage French.[1965-Hard]The ownership of real estate, apartments or houses, is the first component of heritage French. Far ahead of financial assets and money placed in bank accounts and what INSEE calls residual assets: cars, jewelry or household equipment…[1965-Hard]Purchasing remains a priority for the French[1965-Hard]In total, real estate represents 62% of the wealth of all households. A lasting trend, according to Jérôme Dedeyan. “The priority given by the French to stone cannot be denied,” says the president of my heritage partner. “The first thing a Frenchman does when he tries to accumulate wealth is obviously to have a roof, to be the owner of the roof in which he lives.”[1965-Hard]Nearly 6 out of 10 French households are owners, whether or not they have finished repaying their loans. And you guessed it, when you own your home, you are often richer than when you rent. The average wealth of owners is almost 10 times higher than that of tenants.[1965-Hard]Source:[1965Pursue]WATCH NOW[1965Pursue]DOWNLOAD NOW[1965Pursue]WATCH NOW[1965Pursue]DOWNLOAD NOW[1965Pursue]Stay Connected with[19-Keepfollowing]– Follow for more updates, you will be notified soon. Thank You For Visiting[1965Pursue]

Real Estate is the First Component of the Heritage of Most French Households

It is no secret that real estate is one of the most valued assets for many individuals around the world. This is especially true for many French households, with six out of every ten owners listing real estate as their first component of the family heritage.

With an era of stagnant economic growth and increased cost of living, more people are turning to real estate as a form of stability and security. This is particularly true in France, where the income gap has widened considerably in recent years. With most people having a difficult time staying ahead of the rising cost of living, the real estate market provides more comfort and peace of mind than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is real estate so important to French households?

A: Real estate is an important asset for many French households because it provides protection from inflation, offers stability during difficult economic times, and is a long-term investment that can lead to financial security for generations.

Q:How has the real estate market in France changed?

A:The real estate market in France has changed significantly in recent years, with increased demand for rental properties and increased difficulty for individuals to purchase a property due to the cost of living.

Q:What are the benefits of owning real estate?

A:The benefits of owning real estate include financial security and stability, potential tax savings, and the ability to create a legacy for future generations.

Q:What are the implications of real estate as a component of heritage?

A:Real estate as a component of heritage can provide a family with financial security and stability over multiple generations, allowing a family to remain in their home and pass it down to future generations as an investment.


Owning real estate is a powerful tool for achieving financial stability and security, especially in France where the cost of living has risen significantly. With six out of every ten French households using real estate as the first component of their family heritage, the industry is a strong source of income that offers the potential for tax savings, long-term investing, and the ability to create a legacy for future generations. Real estate has become a major component of many French households’ heritage, offering a stability that can last for generations.

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