5353 Artinya Bahasa Gaul: Full Meaning & Explanation

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5353 Artinya Bahasa Gaul: 5353 What is the meaning of the slang? Viral on FYP Tiktok The Detailed Explanation is Presented Below

LikFlix.com – The slang phrase 5353, which is now trending on Tiktok, has generated a lot of excitement among Indonesian internet users.

Many people are interested in learning the meaning of Tiktok’s peculiar lingo.

5353 Artinya Bahasa Gaul: Full Meaning & Explanation
5353 Artinya Bahasa Gaul: Full Meaning & Explanation

The slang code 5353 is seen rather often on FYP Tiktok, however, only a small percentage of users truly understand what it refers to.

The definition of the 5353 slang phrase that is now trending on Tiktok can be found below. This information was compiled by LikFLix.com from a variety of sources.


This is a number that cannot be uttered at random since it has the potential to have a negative connotation.

On the other hand, there are many who argue that this slang expression has a pejorative connotation that might be derived from the QWERTY keyboard used on mobile devices.

“te te” is the colloquial meaning of the number 5353, which derives from the fact that the 5 comes before the T and the 3 comes before the E.

Nevertheless, 5353 is also the name of a number that is referred to as the “Angel Number” which is a representation of beneficence, grace, and plenty.


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