10 Steps To Be The Best Learner There Ever Was

10 steps to be the best learner there ever was:

Having great grades is without a doubt really important at university, especially if you are looking for a scholarship.


To have great grades we all know that we should study hard and learn everything.


there are times in our life, especially our academic life, that we hear things but we don’t seem to be listening,


we JUSTcan’t understand a thing;

What is wrong with us? Why does that keep happening to us? How can we make sure to learn better?


Let’s take these 10 steps toward being the greatest learner in history:

  1. Train your brain and improve your memory.
  2. Try to learn at least one small thing each day.
  3. Be creative while you’re studying, prepare Flash Cards, take part in a study group, start a contest with your friends, and so on.
  4. Teach all the things you’ve learned each day to someone else, teaching is a great way to learn.
  5. Try to relate the new information to the old ones.
  6. Do not stick to theory, go and learn it practically.
  7. Have some rest time, every now and then.
  8. Test yourself. Take a quiz and see how much you’ve learned.
  9. Avoid multitasking while studying.
  10. Do not be afraid of making a mistake; if you keep thinking of all the mistakes you might make if you answer the questions, you will never succeed.

What’s your idea?

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